411web/MyCity Networks [On Location in LA]

LA 411web

When I moved to LA everything was magical. The city was amazing, 411web was great. In all honesty if it wasn't for 411web I would never have moved to Los Angeles and would not have met such cool people. Two years later I became the manager of the Technology Department. It was a great run but the company started going down. The CEO really messed up a good thing. All my friends started finding other jobs and soon there was a handful of cool people left. I'll always remember the hey day of 411web as one of my favorite times. Thanks to the team who were not only great people to work with, they are great friends to have!

Unemployment [Round 2 with a side of High Anxiety]

HollywoodI should have started looking for a new job. The signs were there. We were loosing clients left and right and all the smart people had left! The money was good. I was comfortable. I was lazy...I was laid off in July of 2006. I welcomed it. I was so stressed out with our CEO that I needed a break. I decided to take some time off. During this time Luis came to visit from Miami and stayed. Rafael came to visit from Miami and stayed. It was a happy time. Six months rolled around and I started to run out of money and get anxious. Are my skills any good? Will I ever find a job I like? Will I ever meet someone I can call a boyfriend? Will my size 34 pants ever fit? My anxiety was at an all time high and I had sworn to come off my anti-axiety pills. I was in desperation and quickly running out of funds when....

JakeCruise.com [PHP Pornagrapher and Loving It]

Jake Cruise Logo
I sent an email to the webmaster/creator of JakeCruise.com which is a very popular amateur adult site located in Los Angeles. To my surprise he contacted me and said he was looking for a programmer. I went to interview at their North Hollywood office. It was so nice. The owner was very friendly and cuban! It would be my dream job. Working for porn as a programmer! What more is there!

After a couple of emails we settled on pay and starting on December 18th, my new adventure as a porn programmer begins! I'm so excited. This is truly the way to end 2006 and start an amazing new year! For all of you out there anxious and scared on life, keep your karma going and good things will happen! Trust me! I've been to that lonely place! There is Hope!