UF MascotI have made so many friends in college it is sometimes overwhelming. It is amazing how people can influence the way you think. It is also an honor when you realize that you have influenced people into thinking in different ways. I honestly cannot ask for a better set of friends. All my friends are so incredibly smart and caring. Having them around has allowed me to experience life as it should be, through the exchange of ideas with other people. I would like to thank all of the people in my college career who have given me the honor of letting me be their friend. I hope that I have given as much love as I have received from them. I love you guys!


Well I started the Real World shortly after college. I moved back home to Miami and started looking for work as a Computer Programmer. I frantically sent out my resume to every place I can think of. After four months I was getting worried.

MyCity.com Out of the blue a company called MyCity.com called me for an interview. They were looking for PERL programmers, and I knew PERL! The Interview was really intimidating because there were four people interviewing me. I was sure that I did not get the job.

Erika Reeds, who would later become my supervisor, gave me a job offer. I was ecstatic. I was actually getting a programming job in a .com company and I was working in downtown Miami. I've been working three months in the company and it still amazes me how lucky I am. I have the greatest co-workers, benefits, and business culture. The future looks bright indeed.


While I was working at MyCity, Luis and I decided to start an amateur gay porn site. Luis worked for iBill so it was easy for us to start up the business. It was incredible what we were able to accomplish. We created a business in Florida named Ruby Red Slipper, LLC. We advertised for models online using AOL and Gay.com mostly. We received PeepingCock.com many applications. We screened the ones that we liked best at Starbucks on Licoln Road. Shooting the videos were my personal favorite part. It was so much fun to do. I handled the camera and Luis took control of the video camera. I designed the site and he designed the graphics. He did the video imports and image editing and I did the thumbnail images.

I learned so much from this experience. Looking back I still can't believe all that we accomplished. We each had limited funds and we both held full-time jobs while we created this site. We never were able to market it to the point that it was profitable for us to quit our jobs, but I would never trade in this experience for anything. I have placed the remains of the site on here so you can take a look. Let me know what you think. Check out the site by going here: PeepingCock.com. The site is now free. But I have removed the videos because they took up too much bandwith.


After I was hired for about a year at MyCity.com, I decided to get my own apartment on South Beach. It was always my dream to live in the beach. I spent a good month or two going to the beach and taking pictures of all kinds of apartments. I finally called up the realtor from Stream-line Apartments and she showed me what would come to be my future apartment, Elaine 108. It was perfect. The apartment was a very nice one-bedroom. The price was rice at $750 a month, and it was a front unit with very large windows.

UnemploymentEverything moved so fast and I saw myself giving the very large deposit to move in. I started buying all the things you need to move in to a new place. I went crazy at target and at walmart. The week that I was moving in, my company went bankrupt and had annouced to everyone that we would be closing our doors. I was in a strange state that day. I said goodbye to all my coworkers, I took some furniture from the place which I still own with Barbara, but when I got home, I collapased. My dad told me to get a refund on my deposit.

I knew somehow that I was still going to move. Thanks to Luis for putting things in perspective, I used my severence check together with my unemployment check to get me through that crazy summer. It was a very hard time, one I'll never forget, but it definately built up my character. And I feel I am stronger for it today. I am no longer blind to the reality that I can loose my job at any moment. During this period is when my anxiety was starting to peak.