My resume page contains my most current resumes. I will try to update it as often as possible. Hopefully this will be more successful than my updating abilities with my journal. There will be a downloadable version of my resume in ascii, word, and pdf format.


Microphone If you have read those Choose Your Own Adventure books in junior high, you know what this game is about. Basically you will control the destiny of a character navigating through a club. You will see photos of where you are currently and you will have to make choices as to what your character does. If this game turns out to be successful, I will make new ones!


My links page will have links to friend's sites, commercial sites, and webrings. If you would like me to link to your site just drop me a note over email. I have also added commerical sites that I like to visit or buy stuff from.


The Boards section lets you post messages to the site. Use the boards to say what's on your mind, make suggestions to the site, or leave general messages. Please do not post any messages in bad taste, they will be taken down.


This link is self-explanitory. I usually have it on at night and on the weekends. People at work don't like to be on the web! When I am on WebCam you can communicate with me by chatting through IM.


My Chat service is sponsored by my webhosting company: Dreamhost. I am usually logged on the chat room during the day on weekday's and on and off on weekends.


MicrophoneFinally, the Feedback page is your chance to give me your opinion about the web site. You can also contact me here via e-mail. All the information is there. There is a tiny survey to fill out and then you can send me a message via the form or if you prefer, by e-mail. I hope you enjoy this site. I worked very hard on it. START SURFING!