Gay Vegas 2004

So Rafael, Robert, and I decided to do the gay vegas experience. We stayed at the gay resort Blue Moon Lodge, which should be called a gay ghetto motel. It was very ghetto and looked nothing like the website. All I have to say is, it was a converted Travel Lodge. Despite our trashy dwellings we had a great time, after all we are the trashy trio. Rob was Toshiba, Rafael was Tamioka, and I was Tamara. We came back home with empty pockets and wide smiles. Here are a couple snapshots of our adventure which took us from wearing ancient wigs, fighting off the Borg Invasion (we won, okay!), to taming the Rio International Buffet. To go to another gallery click HERE.


Paris, Las Vegas
The most breathtaking view in Las Vegas.

MGM Grand
Rob and I under the Giant Lion

Perfect Score
Paula Abdul Eat Your Heart Out

Rob Alien Plate
Ferengi Attack

New Slayer
Buffy Upset about the new Slayer

Mandalay Elephants
Elephants at Mandalay

New Elvis
Elvis alive and Reapplying

Curly Locks
Work that wig classic style!

Mandalay Bay: One of the classiest hotels and my Favorite