My subject, EVA TINA RIVERA is a very shy person. When I say shy, I mean SHY. Mountains have to be moved for Tina to lapse out of her shyness and emerge as a social butterfly. The only exception to this fact is if you get her drunk! What makes this photographic collection so great is that these photos show a different view of Tina. They show a Tina that likes to be the focus of attention.

While it may seem that these photos contradict our heroine, I think that the camera is showing what Tina wants to be outside: an extrovert. Thank you Tina for allowing me to take these pictures. Without your cooperation none of this could be possible.

And so I dedicate this gallery to one of my closest friends: Tina. To go to another gallery click HERE.


Vixen Tina
Vixen Tina

Alchoholic Tina
Alcoholic Tina

Goth Tina
Gothic Tina

Didactic Tina
Didactic Tina

Spiritual Tina Sexy Spice Tina
Spiritual and Sexy Spice Tina