Boston 2004 II

I spent a couple of days visiting Roscoe in Boston. He lives in a suburb that is called Somerville. His apartment was very cute. Boston had beautiful architecture and it felt like a big college town. It was very cold though, and it was only Fall. It was also very gloomy and the stores close early! Puritan Power is still in effect! While the city was beautiful the people were not so friendly. Of course I'm jaded I'm a sunshine California and Florida type of guy! To go to another gallery click HERE.


Tina Grabbing my Crotch
Tina Grabbing my Crotch

Franklin's Grave
Franklin's Grave

Another Church
What they lack in fast food they make up with Churches

First Mall!
The first shopping mall!

Goverment Center
Government Center

Brick, Brick
More Downtown area