June 5th, 2008

Gays R Us @ Hollywood Improv

Gays R UsJulian, Mariano, and I went to the Hollywood Improv to check out Gays R Us. Gays R Us is an all gay comedy night at the Improv that I had heard about from listening to Frank DeCaro’s show on Sirius’ OutQ. Frank was headlining that night and I wanted to check it out. So we headed on over. Since we have never been there before and it’s so close to my house, we decided to have dinner there. The food was surprisingly very good. It was of a chain restaurant’s consistency like Friday’s.

The one perk that I didn’t realize was that if we had dinner at the Improv we had first dibs on the seats for the show. So when we finished dinner and headed over to our seats we were front and center. And I mean front and center! We could reach out and touch the microphone if we wanted to. We shared the table with a really nice woman who worked for a lesbian magazine. I think it was Curve. But I’m not sure. She was interviewing one of the lesbian comediennes who also played sports. Go figure :) We had a very good time. It was a little too nerve racking for my tastes being up so close, but it was fun! Mariano got picked on, and one of the guy comedians was all about Julian!

I have to say that we all agreed that the women comediennes were way funnier than the guys. Frank DeCaro was cute but only because I’m a fan of his show and know his material. He was really nervous up there performing. I definitely want to go back again! They do Gays R Us every month I believe. I hope it stays funny. And the guys that were there were hot hot hot! Who knew hot boys liked to laugh :)

I have to do one last plug for GoldStar.com. If you live in a big city you have to sign up for a free membership. They have great deals and discounts on all kinds of shows and events. We got the tickets to Gays R Us for half the price we would have paid if we would have gone through the Improv!!!! It’s amazing.

June 1st, 2008

Weekend Outings and Matt’s 50th

Matt 50thThis weekend at was action packed! Saturday Brian and Rafael wanted to have a party at their house. I haven’t been to their new house in Pasadena so it was a great way to drink, eat, and see their new diggs. It took me a while to find it but I finally found their home. I must say that whenever I head over to the Pasadena area I get a little nostalgic. When I first came to visit LA to consider moving here, my boss put me up in a hotel in Pasadena. I had to drive all the way in to the West Side Calgary Moving Companies every day from Pasadena. The 110 Pasadena Freeway is the first freeway in Los Angeles. And believe me judging on how tight it is, I believe it!

Brian and Rafael’s house was amazing! It was a multi-level house and every floor either has a balcony or patio. It was so much fun. When I got there, there were already 10-15 people there. Everyone was either in the kitchen or in the balcony leading off the kitchen. The views of Pasadena and Glendale were breathtaking! I was very impressed with the house. And the party was great too!!! I brought my iPod along and blasted all my songs. We made Mojitos, Margaritas, you name it. I think we all had a little too much to drink! Julian was definitely not having fun since he was in the bathroom wishing he hadn’t drunk that much!

It was really cool too that Miriam from work came. She lives in the area and she stopped by with her friend Sean. I think they both had a great time. Sean was popular with the Asian boys at the party. Another big hit of the party was when everyone found out that I work for JakeCruise.com. Of course they found out because I told everyone :) It was a great party, I met a lot of new friends, and I’m totally glad that I went out.

Sunday morning was rough. I almost cancelled Matt’s BBQ. But I didn’t want to do that because a couple of weeks earlier I had canceled on Miriam because I was so hung over. It’s a common theme I think! I took Lola for a walk then I headed over to Matt’s. I got there right on time. Miriam was there with her daughter Sarah and Sean. Anthony came and it was Harlan and Matt. Harlan was cooking up a hamburger storm. We all ate like crazy then everyone went into the pool. It was a very fun and mellow time. Which was great because I was still hung over from the night before.

I love when I go out to visit friends during the weekend, but then I get sad that I didn’t spend any quality time with Lola at home! I guess I’ll always be a homebody till the day I die! I did have tons of fun though!

June 1st, 2008

Rafael Dancing @ the House Party

First Mariano, now see Rafael breaking it down at his House Party!

May 27th, 2008

Weekend Indy and Wii

Indiana JonesMariano and I checked out Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I heard mixed reviews on this movie. Some people loved it, some people hated it. I have to admit I really wanted to see the movie. The only way I got Mariano to go with me is because I told him I had free tickets. Our grocery store in West Hollywood, Pavilions always has a promotion in the summer where if you buy a certain number of frozen foods, you get two movie tickets of your choice. It’s not like those free movie tickets for AMC where you have to see an old ass movie. This one is good for anything.

So we headed down to the Hollywood ArcLight Cinema to watch the movie. We hadn’t eaten dinner yet so we decided to get some food at the restaurant at the theater. They had the motorcycle which was used in the movie on display. So that was cool. The movie itself was pretty bad. The special effects looked pretty crappy. I don’t know if that was done on purpose or not. I found myself bored through much of the film. I used to love how these movies used to get my imagination going….not this one. It was pretty lame.

Even though it was the long weekend for Memorial Day, the weather was pretty crappy in LA. It never rains here except in the winter-time, and it was overcast and even rained a couple of days. So it was the perfect weekend to lounge at home and watch movies. I totally threw myself into my Wii and PS2. On the PS2 I’m still playing God of War II. It’s a great game and I’m glad I’m getting back into it.

The Wii I had ignored for a couple of weeks. But now I’m back playing the Virtual Consule and Wii Sports. Wii Sports came with the consule but it’s so damn fun!! I even played a litttle bit of Mario Galaxy!

I decided that this was a perfect weekend to get out my Yoga DVD. I’ve tried a couple but my favorite DVD still is: MTV: Yoga. It’s a great aerobic pace and it really works you out. Every time I’m done with the DVD I feel amazing. Hopefully I’ll start doing my Yoga as part of my workouts!!

May 25th, 2008

My Birthday Pics: I’m 31 and holding….

Kelvis 31st Birthday
Rafael, Brian, and Myself

Kelvis 31st Birthday
Mariano Working his Over It Pose

Kelvis 31st Birthday
Luis and Heidee

Kelvis 31st Birthday
All Smiles

Kelvis 31st Birthday
Ivette and Luis

Kelvis 31st Birthday
My Shiny Head with Ivette

Kelvis 31st Birthday
Who Has the Fakest Smile?

Kelvis 31st Birthday
Mariano Giving His Botox Face

Kelvis 31st Birthday
Outside the Restaurant

Kelvis 31st Birthday
Mariano, Me, and my Pit Stain

For my 31st birthday, I know it’s hard to believe that I’m that old, the plan was to go out to dinner at Tinto Tapas in West Hollywood and then check out my favorite show on Wednesday Nights: Candis Cayne @ FuBar! I loved the restaurant. It was a Tapas place, and I was in the mood for it ever since we went to the one in Vegas with Franklin: FireFly.

I loved the food. I think everyone was over at how expensive it was. I had a really good time. And note that in the pictures I make look shiny and red, it’s because I was fucked up on Sangria. Believe it! For dinner we had a good showing. It was: Luis, Ivette, Heidee, Mariano, Rafael, and Brian. And of course me! After dinner we all had the bright idea of walking down to FuBar. It was a little far. People were tired and over it when we got there but everyone got all spiced up when the show started. Everyone except Mariano…He couldn’t go because he had a presentation the next day blah blah blah…..blah.

He did make it up by taking me to get a massage the next day, so that was awesome! The show was so much fun! I think everyone had fun. It was great. Too bad I’m getting so old otherwise it would have been perfect!

May 22nd, 2008

East Side Story and Gay Movies from Video West

Gay MoviesAfter Luis and I went to the Natural History Museum, we swung by Video West in West Hollywood to pick up some movies. Yes I do have a NetFlix account which I love very much, but sometimes you miss going through your neighborhood gay video store. That’s what made me decide to pick up a free membership at Video West. They have tons of new gay movies and they have a large foreign section! Plus you can’t forget their adult section!!! It’s a win, win, win situation!

The last movie that we saw was the best. East Side Story was one that Luis picked. It was so cute! The writing was very well done, the characters were written very nicely, and it had that latino factor that made it feel like it was my life. It was great! I definately recommend this one if you haven’t seen it. Luis said it had that Mambo Italiano vibe. The production value wasn’t the best, but it definitely added to the at home feel that the movie had. The movie was about a mexican-american 20-something in East LA who is just coming out and wants to open up his dream restaurant. He lives with his grandmother and has to work her restaurant while he puts his dreams on hold…It’s so realistic!

Gay MoviesNow for the not so good news! The first movie that was saw was Matrimonium. The premise of the movie was that a straight guy and a gay guy have to go on a reality TV show and pretend to be in love to win the grand prize. They have to fool their parents and friends into believing that they are in a real relationship. IT WAS GAY BAD! The acting was horrible. The gay character looks like it was written by a straight homophobic writer who has just uses stereotype after stereotype for the gay character. I watched it through the end because it was a gay movie, but DAMN, I was tempted to just turn it off! If you watch this movie don’t say I didn’t warn you. Oh and the host, was just creepy. CREEPY!

Gay MoviesThe second movie that we saw was Hooked. This one was a very nice surprise. I thought this was another movie when I picked it up called Open Cam. This one was a documentary about hooking up. It was really nicely done. I always find it fascinating because I always have my Manhunt.net account open and ready for business! It had this fun and upbeat start and then it kinda ended on a really sad note. It was like a classic french film except no one killed themselves.

So that was our movie weekend!

May 21st, 2008

GM Fuel Cell Test Driver

My friend, Davi Kutz, was one of the lucky bastards who got to test drive and showcase one of the new GM Fuel Cell cars that will be coming out to market in the near future. So many people are curious about the fuel cell technology and how it compares to hybrid type cars like the Prius. He made this cool YouTube video showing how cool this technology is! Click the play button above the player to see it.

May 19th, 2008

Long Beach Pride: Rick and Steve from Logo

Jim and I saw Rick and Steve from Logo at the Long Beach Pride festival. They were being dirty…

Rick and Steve
Rick and Steve Kissing

Rick and Steve
Rick and Steve Doing the Back Door Bambi

Long Beach Pride was cute! I wish I would have spent more time there. Nobody wanted to go except for Jim! I couldn’t stay all of Saturday because I had a Robyn concert that night and we had the craziest heat wave ever!!! You know I like it hot, but it was freaking crazy hot! Jim and I were outside for about two hours and in that time the sun drained us completely of our energy! We saw the Rick and Steve blow up dolls that I have picture of above. We also met two of the costars of the Big Gay Sketch Show from Logo: Nicol Paone and Stephen Guarino. They both were very friendly even though it was like an oven outside! They autographed photos for Jim and I.

The next day I tried to get Luis to go to the Pride festival. He wasn’t having it. I also suggested the Body Worlds exhibit at the California Science Center. It was a little pricey and it’s a popular exhibit so we didn’t go. Luis did however mention he wanted to go to the Natural History Museum at the Exposition Park. It was really neat because I’ve never been to that area! So it was a real nice treat. There are two large museums in that area.

The Natural History Museum was not so impressive to me. We had the unfortunate luck of going during this gigantic Bug Fair that was being hosted by the museum. A lot of the exhibits were covered up because of the fair. The museum itself looked like it hadn’t been kept up. The exhibits were marginally interesting and the cafe was a hot mess. Luis was going to get a membership to the museum but I told him to check it out before he decides to get a year membership! I think he changed his mind about getting a membership! I think we would have had more fun at the Science Center, but I’m glad that we explored something new!

May 19th, 2008

April Vegas Visit Photos: Finally!

It took me forever, but I finally processed the pictures of our Vegas trip when we went to see Margaret Cho.

Vegas Margaret Cho Pics
Group @ Bahama Breeze

Vegas Margaret Cho Pics
Planet Hollywood Shopping

Vegas Margaret Cho Pics
View of Paris, Las Vegas

Vegas Margaret Cho Pics
Botanical Gardens @ Bellagio I

Vegas Margaret Cho Pics
Botanical Gardens @ Bellagio II

Vegas Margaret Cho Pics
Botanical Gardens @ Bellagio III

Vegas Margaret Cho Pics
Poolside Gator

Vegas Margaret Cho Pics
Mariano’s new Manhunt Pic

Vegas Margaret Cho Pics
Jazzy Gators

Vegas Margaret Cho Pics
Margaret Cho @ the Palms

May 15th, 2008

Flowers Mariano Gave me for my Bday!!!

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