December 17th, 2003

First Post!

This is my first official post to my blog! I spent too many hours last night trying to get it to fit into the template of my website. So here it is. I’ve always had written journals and online journals. But like everything in my life I soon loose interest! Hopefully with my blog I’ll keep motivated. I was going to start posting on the new year, but as you’ll learn I never want to wait for anything.

I was going to take a contract job on the side, but I turned it down, partly because I’m lazy, and also because I want to revamp my website before the new year! It’s had the same look for way too long! I just switched my website to a new hosting site which said it gives you three years free. It looks pretty slow but hey free is free right! We’ll see how quickly I switch back to my old provider.

But I’ll try anything once, especially when it will save me money.

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"I have quite a collection of journals. It's not so much that I write a lot. I have this bad habit of starting a new journal when I start a new chapter in life. Either I have had many turning points in my life, or I just wanted an excuse to buy new journals!"

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