December 25th, 2005

Desperate Housewives on my new 42" Plasma

SamsungTVI got the coolest gift this Christmas! I got the new samsung 42″ Plasma TV. It is amazing! I’m amazed at how thin and big it is! I’ve had it for three days now and my eyes hurt from watching TV non-stop! It’s crazy I know but I love it. I need to find an online site that can calibrate the colors. Nicola will know best how to deal with that shit but she’s in Toronto for two weeks so I have to fend for myself until she comes back!

It’s a little sad that I won’t be with my family and friends this Christmas. I always like being along and doing my own thing and playing with my gadgets but it does get lonely not being around loved ones. I defiantely think next year I’ll spend Thanksgiving in LA and go to Miami for Christmas! Of course who knows what will happen then! My parents are coming for a visit in March and we are going up to San Francisco, stoping by Santa Barbara and Monteray on the way! It should be a great trip. We are also gonna check out the desert (casino) in Palm Springs (casino) and then they will spend a couple of days in Los Angeles.

Who knows where I’ll be professionally in that time. I’ve been looking for a new gig for a while and the Holidays really slowed down the search. Hopefully by the end of January I’ll be set! Hey at least after the 3rd of January I do not have any commitments to 411web Interactive. Once I get a new gig I’ll post a whole entry on that. And believe me there is enough drama there to make the Office look pale in comparison.

Desperate HousewivesI’ve watched cable, played dvd’s, and even hooked up my playstation 2 to it! Speaking of DVD’s I got the first two discs for Season 1 of Desperate Housewives. It’s so good. I’m really late in the game with this show I know, but I was too busy watching HBO’s Rome before. I watched the first two discs the same night. Needless to say I can’t wait for the other 4 discs in the collection. The show is already very entertaining and witty but watching on my 42″ made it that much more special! I love it.

I don’t know what to do today for Christmas. I was going to take Lola out on a hike but we went on a two hour walk yesterday. I think I may just catch up on my movies since I haven’t seen that many movies and there are tons of movies I want to see!!!

My checklist of movies to see is:

  • Brokeback Mountain (still haven’t seen it)
  • Breakfast on Pluto
  • Syrania
  • Munich
  • The Producers

For some reason even though I’m living in LA none of my friends likes to go out to the movies! What’s up with that! I’m going to have to post an ad on Craigslist for an activities partner to go to the movies! Isn’t that crazy!!! I’ll go do that right now.

November 13th, 2005

Franklin Visit (College Friends are Always Fun)

Franklin Weiner!Franklin IM’d me out of the blue yesterday. He is an old friend from college. We’ve kept in touch loosely through the years since college. Whenever we hang out we have so much fun. It turns out that he’s in Las Vegas working a contract gig until December. He’s coming to Los Angeles this weekend and we agreed to go out.

It’s so nice to hang out with old friends. When I moved here from Miami I only knew two people in California. Meera who I went to high school with lives in Berkeley. My other friend Heidi, who lives in Long Beach I met at college. I’ve made a couple of friends while living here but it’s always great to hang out with friends from college. For some reason it was always so easy to make friends in college. I guess being drunk all the time does have it’s benefits!

Back to Franklin. Franklin is a big horndog, at least he was when I knew him in college. If he hasn’t changed then we’ll have tons of fun in LA! I’ll take him through the dirty, dirty tour of West Hollywood, Hollywood, and Silver Lake. Hopefully I’ll be getting my camera back from Best Buy this week so that I can snap some pictures of our adventure!

I spent most of my weekend working on my sites. I owe so much to Jason from work who hooked me up with a sweet header for It is so nice looking! I also spent the weekend working on I found a pet pattern online and I made the header all by myself using it! I’m very proud since I’m kind of retarded with graphics and PhotoShop in general!

Saturday Nicola and I hit downtown. The day started rather late because I took so damn long, yes I admit it, it was my fault. When I got to her place we went to Venice to have some lunch. We ate at this great Italian place by the pier. But I can’t remember the name. The portions were huge! Afterwards we set off for downtown. Downtown has the same charm that Miami downtown has. Most of the area has been run down over the years. The highlight of the trip was going to Olivera Street. That was the first settlement of Los Angeles and it’s like a tiny theme park for all things mexican. There are tons of mexican restaurants, shops, and memorabilia. I’m a sucker for el Dia De Los Muertos celebration, so I eat up all that stuff! I bought a kickass wallet for less than $20.00 that looks like I paid $50.00 for it!

We didn’t go to Santi Alley but we’ll do that next time. I did catch a glimpse of the Disney Philermonic stadium but we didn’t pass that area. I hear is by there :)

Franklin Weiner!So of course it wouldn’t be me without obssessing over a new car before I actually buy the damn thing. I wanted the Honda Element so bad. But the new 2006’s really failed me. The colors aren’t that cute and I started to feel that I needed a car that said less college and more urban professional. I liked the Infinity FX but that thing was as expensive as a Range Rover! NO WAY! I didn’t know that Nissan and Infinity are basically the same company and the Nissan Murano is like 20K less and it has some cool features!

I built and priced mine last night and now I am in love. The only thing that is missing is that I have to get a kit to be able to play my iPod directly with it. Once I do that everything will be perfect! The car has a navigation system, rear view cameras, a smart key that you need to have on your person and will automatically open up doors like on garage door spring replacement service in Seattle, a garage opener, 6 cd changer in dash, and Satellite Radio! I have to wait to February to get it because things at work are a little stable, I have to save enough for a down payment, and in February I get my tax refund!! BOOM downpayment!

Rome is coming on in a few so I have to get going. Bye for now…

November 7th, 2005

Halloween Gallery is Up

Tequila Party

I got the pictures for the Halloween West Hollywood Festival up! I took like four pics but Jim sent me all of the pics that he took. Good thing he took a whole bunch of pics because there were so many great costumes. We missed taking a picture of the best costume, Ashlee Simpson. I took only a glimpse but Nicola said it was incredible!

With out further ado here is the link to the pics: WeHo Halloween 2005.

I’m also putting the finishing touches on my latest website creation: WeHo Happenings. It’s a blog that basically covers all the events, restaurants, bars, etc in West Hollywood. I’m going to have so much fun with that one! Make sure you visit and click on the paid links for me :)

Next week I’ll have the Rainbow Paws website up. That’s the website that I was creating for gay and lesbian pet owners to form a club in Los Angeles. Once I finish the design of that one I’ll put the link up so you guys can check it out!

October 31st, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Cell Shot

Happy Halloween from the tequila bottle that could!
Hope everyone has a great halloween!

October 30th, 2005

New Link to Blogs

Quick note to let you guys know that now there is an easy way to get directly to my blogs. If going to my website then clicking on the blog is too much for you, then this post is for you!!

You can now go to the following links to access my blog directly:

I am finally complete in updating the website to the new look. Every single page has the new look. Now I begin the fun task of updating all the information and making sure that everything looks good. I updated the resume page today because it’s been like 4 years since I update my resume. It’s always good to have an updated resume!

This is a quick post because Rome is on and it’s my current obssession. It seems that these days the only shows that I watch are on HBO or Showtime. The Comeback was hilarious! I can’t wait for season 2! Rome is very exciting and I love to watch all the debauchery go down! Plus there is always man on man sex here and there and lots of nude scenes! Who can beat that!!

Extras on HBO is another hilarious show by the maker of The Office from Britain (not the American one). It is soo funny for words. Ricky Gervais is a genious. Another favorite show is Weeds on Showtime. I love Mary Louise Parker and seeing her dealing pot in the Los Angeles suburbs is too funny. The show is very good! And of course Curb Your Enthusiasm continues to be hilarious as ever! I like it much better than Senifeld, and that’s a bold statement! Fat Actress on Showtime was amazing before they canceled it! Luckily they released it on DVD. If you never got a chance to see it you must rent it off NetFlix or buy it. It’s a do not miss!!!! Funniest shit ever.

Ok Rome is starting, gotta go!

October 29th, 2005

First Hollywood Set

Dirty AgentWell Friday night I was hanging out with Jill and Nicola. It was really cool hanging out with Jill at my place since she left 411web. It had only been a couple of days since she resigned but I had missed our daily conversations at work! We were watching Drop Dead Gorgeous, which Jill had never seen, and we ordered some Thai food from my favorite thai place, Cafe Talesi.

After dinner we were going to get some drinks but Jill’s husband is a producer and he was wrapping up filming a movie in Studio City. Studio City is on the other side of the hill from me so we decided to check it out. It was exciting because I had read the script a while back. The movie is called The Latter Effect and it’s an 80’s flashback type of movie with mid-thirtysomething main actors. It was the middle of the night when we got there but you would think it was morning with all the bright spot lights they had pointed at the house!

It was crazy to see al the personal assistants (pa) running around! Jill’s husband showed us some of the daily’s that they had taken and I started to recognize some of the actors. I couldn’t believe that one of the main actors was Sarah Clarke. She was Nina, the dirty agent from 24: Series 1. The movie also had Tom Cruise’s cousin although I didn’t see him. Another actor I recognized was Eric Stoltz. He looked very old, but I think that’s the type of leathery character he plays in the movie. The whole time I was in the set I thought how cool it was to be living in Los Angeles. It’s almost been a year now since I have been living here and I have not lost that sparkle that LA had when I first moved here. It’s so cool.

I was having dinner last weekend with my friend Nicola at another favorite restaurant in West Hollywood called Merix. It’s a popular hang out for good mexican food and you occassionally run into gay celebrities. When we were there we sat next to this guy who looked so familiar to me. As always I always forget actors and their names so I’m the worst Hollywood type. I didn’t know if I had recognized the guy from somewhere (maybe the sex clubs) or if he was an actor! Two days later it hit me, he was famous. He is one of the actors on Mad TV: Michael McDonald. I kinda new he was gay from watching him on the show, but it definately cemented the idea when I saw him because he looked like he was on a date with a guy. If you ever want to see Wilson Cruz then head on over to Merix because every weekend that I go he is there! It’s like clockwork!

Ok enough with the star fucking now! I just have to say I really enjoy seeing them out and about. It doesn’t get old. I need to work on my site! Visit the boards because we are starting to pick them up again!

October 25th, 2005

Finally New Redesign is Complete (Well Almost)

I can’t believe it. After countless days wrestling with CSS and testing my site on different browsers, the new redesign is here!!! I got inspired by the blog conference that I went to for my company. Their website was very simple, clean, and visually gratifiying. I’m very pleased with the new look. Let me know what you think! I’m also excited because it’s been too long since I’ve written in my blog! I definately have a lot of stories to tell! For now though take a look at the old site vs. how the new site looks! I think you’ll agree that the new site is way better!!

Old Kelvis Korner
This is the Old Kelvis Korner (1998)

New Kelvis Korner
This is the New Kelvis Korner (2005)

October 23rd, 2005

My New Glasses

Cell Shot

Here they are! My new nerd glasses. I love them so much I never take them off.

September 11th, 2005

New Redesign and Funny Dog Photo

Doggie Treats

I will have a new redesign of my site this week! The site is going to have a sleeker simpler look and more room for my blog! I’m also transferring from Blogger to WordPress. I can control wordpress blogging tool right from my server and it has tons of features! There is also a new look that Kevin, my coworker designed for me! It’s too cute! Once I get the new site going I’ll be updating the blog tons!

In the meantime enjoy this picture that my roommate sent! Too precious for words.

August 19th, 2005

Jill in San Fran

Cellphone Shot

Jill protesting for peace in downtown SanFran.

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