April 29th, 2007

Pictures of Early Birthday Celebration @ HOME

Early BDay Celebration

Early BDay Celebration

Early BDay Celebration

Early BDay Celebration

April 11th, 2007

Music and Film

Meet the Robinson's

Luis and I went to check out Meet the Robinson’s at Disney’s El Capitan Theatre. I had a feeling the movie was going to be so-so but I love going to the El Capitan. They always do a little themed show before the movie starts. When I went to see Pirates of the Carribbean with Rafael they had a whole pirate ship battle! This time around they had some of the characters from the film and they released confetti from the ceiling. Before the movie they always have someone playing the accordian. It’s neat because when the movie is about to start the stage holding the accordian player disappears into the floor! It’s magic!

The movie was also in 3-D which was cute. Again nothing great here but the animation was real nice and the 3-D effects were real cool. The villian in the movie reminded me of str8 boyfriend. The whole reason he is a villian is because his roommie kept him up all night (tinkering on his inventions) and then when he had a baseball game the next day he fell asleep and missed the ball! He lived and breathed baseball. The funniest part was that he carried a unicorn notebook to keep all his evil plans in. I thought that was too adorable. It’s one of the few parts in the movie that made me crack up. Again, I was the only one laughing at that point. That happens a lot.

Macy's New AlbumAs I mentioned in my previous post I’ve been playing the shit out of a couple of new records. Macy Gray’s album Big is one of those albums. I love her voice. I love her personality. She’s fucking crazy! Seriously if you’ve ever liked her before you have got to check out this album. It’s great from start to finish but there are definately a couple of really hot tracks! Her new single Finally Made Me Happy is super good! My two favorite songs though have to be Treat Me Like Your Money and Strange Behavior. Strange Behavior is hilarious. Nothing is better than having a mediocre and sad day and queing up her album to make me smile :)

Joss StoneAnother album that I’m really getting into is Joss Stone’s Introducing Joss Stone. It’s got such a funky sexy beat to it. Alina hates it because it reminds her of “70’s music”. I think that’s why I love it so much. And Joss Stone is super cute. My favorite songs on the album are: Tell Me What We’re Gonna Do Now which features Common and Tell Me `Bout It. Both great songs to get in the mood to f**k. Hot!

Today is Legendary Bingo! Luis traded his Saturday to get today off so he can go to Bingo. We’ve made it an institution on Wednesdays and we haven’t missed it in a couple of weeks now! If you are in the Los Angeles area check out their website: Legendary Bingo. Bingo Boy (the host of Legendary Bingo) has a blog in which he talks about upcoming bingos and the celebrities. Check out Bingo Boy’s Blog.

April 6th, 2007

2007: The Year of the Bird FLU

This year hasn’t started with a bang. Actually it’s started off real bad. I was really sick for about 5 weeks. Which brought to February. I was finally feeling better and then I got another small cold. I think I’m in the clear now but str8 boyfriend just came back from a trip with the nastiest FLU I’ve ever seen. Hopefully I don’t get it. It looks real bad! That reminds me of another downer this year so far. I had a big crush on a str8 coworker (str8 boyfriend). Those are always bad. It’s not like he’s gay and he rejected me because he didn’t like me. But yet the self-esteem suffers!

I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but when someone takes a picture of me and I look at it, I always think, who’s that fat bastard in the picture. HELLO it’s me! I’ve been trying to do this exercise/diet thing for a while now. I don’t know if it’s all the cold’s that I’ve gotten recently but I am so fucking tired all the time. By the time I get home I just vegitate and then go to sleep to wake up to then go to work. It feels like my life has gone into this rut of a routine. And I hate it. I have lost a couple of pounds on the colds I was so maybe getting this flu from str8 boyfriend wouldn’t be so bad after all!

I’ve really got to get out of this rut. I think I’m doing a lot better on the crush thing. I’m working through that one. Now I have to work on my fitness! My goal is to loose 40-50 pounds by the time I go back home to Miami to visit. That’s in Sept/October so I have a couple of months to kick ass. I’ve been taking Lola for hour long walks everyday up and down the hills. I want to get to the point where I go to the gym in the mornings and then walk Lola at night for an hour. Str8 boyfriend and I are starting to do weights during lunch which can only help!

M.I.A. ArularThe only uplifting part of this year is that I’ve had a musical re-awakening. Nicola turned me on to M.I.A. and I’ve been playing the shit out of that record for a while now. I think all my friends are sick of me. It’s funny because when the album came out a couple of years ago I wasn’t into it. Now it’s so infectious it’s crazy. She’s got a new single out called Bird Flu. It’s crazy good! I can’t wait for her new album.

It’s amazing how music can really put you in a mood, help you work out emotions, and eventually get you out of a bad mood. Thank you iTunes! I don’t know what I’d do without my iPod and iTunes! I also downloaded the new Macy Gray album Big. It’s amazing! I love her. Definately check out Treat Me Like Your Money and Strange Behavior. Awesome songs. I do really think the worst of the funk mood is over for me. As we start spring and LA starts heating up with the Summer sun I get into a much better mood. Soon it will be Pride season and I’ll be real happy!

We are hitting Vegas for my 30th birthday. Which also depresses me a little. Not Vegas but the 30 part. I can’t believe. I still feel like I’m 18 years old. 30 seems so old. It seems so adult. The inside definately does not match the outside. But I’m definately glad we are celebrating it in Vegas. I love that town! And we are staying at the skanky gay hotel. My favorite! The best part is that it’s during pride!

M.I.A. ArularFinally I got a new digital camera. My old camera had an issue with the memory stick holder and I just decided it was time for a new one. It’s so sleek and blue! I love it. It’s amazing. I’m definately going to take tons of pictures while I’m in Vegas. And today I just got the cutest tripod for it. It’s called the GorillaPod. It’s flexible and you can wrap it around trees, poles, or anything. Check it out at their website: joby.com.I’m also making a bigger effort to update my site and write in my blog more. I notice that I’m in a better mood when I do that. It’s therapy. I have tons of galleries to update. I got my laptop back from service today, BTW Apple Care you rock! They fixed my computer in one day and shipped it back the next day. So tonight I might spend the night updating the website.

And excersing of course!

March 16th, 2007

My Heart is Heavy

I hate times like these. I’ve been off my medication for about six months now. Everything has been really good. I have a job that I love, my friends and loved ones are good, and I love LA. But like India.Arie says in her song This Too Shall Pass:

“I’ve achieved so much in life,
but I’m an amateur in love
My bank account is doing just fine
but my emotions are bankrupt”

I’ve fallen like a fool for a straight boy at work. It’s such an adolscent crush that I don’t know what to do with myself. He has a girlfriend to boot. It got me in a real sour mood because it further opened up insecurities about myself. Insecurities that always leave me feeling so lonely. I always have away at keeping these thoughts at bay but starting Wednesday pandora’s box started opening. I always fall for guys that are either emotionally unavailable or ones that are straight. I always sabotage myself like i did with review Geniux. I’m very well aware of this, the reason of why I do this is what eludes me. Why? I haven’t dates anyone since college. The whole time I lived in Miami and the time I have spent here in Los Angeles I have been without a pair.

At times I think I rather be alone but it’ not true. It’s just a defense mechanism. I always think of a reason for why I can’t be in a realtionship. Whether it’s I need to go to the gym to tighten up or that I’m holding out for the right guy. I don’t want to wake up at the age of 45 and not have someone. What’s really fucked up is that lately my self-esteem has been pretty good. I guess that happens when cute str8 boys flirt with you all day.

I hate feeling like this. but I know that This Too Shall Pass…

January 27th, 2007

Cuban Pride

Cuban Flag Art

My cousin had this piece of artwork on his MySpace page. I thought it was beautiful so I wanted to share it with you guys. I long for the day that Fidel Castro dies and Cuba becomes a free land. I hope that time is soon so that I can visit the land where I was born. Until then!

January 26th, 2007

Just Us Boyz Porn Party

Just Us Boyz I went to my first adult party after starting work at JakeCruise.com. I have to say that I love my job. It’s so laid back, the people are great, and the work is very interesting! I get to do my favorite thing which is programming in PHP and I do it in a porn environment! Who could ask for anything more! I even had the opportunity to go to my first Jake Cruise porn shoot! I was shy at first, but then I got over it! I remembered how much I loved this industry from the time that Luis and I used to film. This is definately the industry for me!

I’ve been fighting a cold lately but I had to check out the first porn party that Just Us Boyz threw. They are expanding to a bimonthly magazine and JakeCruise advertises in the magazine. They let us know they were having a party in West Hollywood. No one else from work made it but sick and all I had to see for myself. I brought along Luis, Joe, and Mariano. It was the first time that I went to Club 7969, which apparently is a tranny bar. They had a little red carpet which made everyone nervous! We waited in line for little while and then we were let in. We were given a free drink ticket and a ticket for the gift bag! The club was very cute. It had booths and lots of seating. There was another smaller room with a bar towards the back. We hung out for a while until 10:15 PM when Jackie Beat came on to perform.

I think Luis and I are her biggest fans. We recognize every song that she sings! Of course they were having a raffle, and of course Luis won the bag-o-lube! He has that crazy luck. So after Jackie bit did Dildo’s are Forever and Baby Got Front, she brought the boys of RandyBlue.com on. They were hot hot hot! It was a little disorganized because they didn’t know what to do at first. Once they were comfortable they started walking around the crowd. There was no full nudity though! Dang!

I definately look forward to more of these parties in the future. I missed the Adult Conference in Las Vegas. My boss got to go, maybe I’ll have a chance to go next year. Luis and I are definately interested in starting a site again in a year or so. Whether we do go through with the idea or not, I think this is definately the industry for me! I’ve been very lucky in my life and this is just another example of it. I couldn’t ask for a better situation. I love my job, I love my industry, and I love my boss. He’s the best, and Cuban too!! Hello!

I have to start taking more pictures! I left my camera at home when we went to the party. That won’t happen next time. I’m gonna go get some rest and hopefully recover from this cold! Until then.

January 15th, 2007

Crooked Street, Crooked Smiles

Luis and I went to San Francisco a while back and I forgot to post these pics that we took at Lombard. It’s one of the most scenic parts of San Francisco. Hope you guys enjoy! That picture of me looks super fat! Hopefully by my birthday in May I’ll be a lot skinnier. Or at least I’ll look a lot skinnier :)

Lombard Street

Luis and Me @ Lombard

Luis Lombard

December 31st, 2006

Hitting the Job MoneyShot!

Jake Cruise

I started the year early with a bang! I had lost my job in the summer and took some time off. Six months later, time flies when you are doing absolutely nothing, I was beginning to get anxious and scared. I didn’t think I would find a job. I thought my skills were going down the drain. I always wanted to work in porn so I decided to write emails to some popular porn sites that were writtin in PHP. I wanted to really hone my PHP skills. I didn’t think anyone would get back to me, but alas Jake Cruise replied saying that he was always interested in new programmers.

We met for an initial interview and it went great. He was only about 15 minutes from my house. At first we didn’t think it would work out because of the money situation. I was pricey he was looking for something cheaper. We decided on a number we could both live with and now I am doing contract work with the possibility of going salaried in March 2007. I worked two days before I took off to Miami for Christmas vacation. It was great! It literally took me 15 minutes to get to work. The people were very friendly. My boss is great and relaxed. Way different than my previous job. I feel that this position will be rewarding in many ways. I’m going to learn so much about the industry and I’ll be doing all the tech duties so the possibilities are limitless! You guys have to check out the sites. They are JakeCruise.com and Straight Guys 4 Gay Eyes.

While I was in Miami I started working on a project management program that I created from scratch. I really want to impress my new employer and hopefully this will be the way! It’s funny, even though I only spent a week in Miami I was missing California bad! Miami was humid, hot, and nasty. I don’t think I could live anywhere outside of California now!! I’ve updated the Story of Me section of the website with what’s going on now. This year is going to be great. I’m definately going to love my job for a long time to come!!!

Here’s to an amazing and exciting new year! I’m finally getting my act together. No more anti-depressants. I’m going to the gym regularly, and I have a job that I like. The future definately looks bright!

December 10th, 2006

A Narcoleptic Tranny Musical from Spain

This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a really long time. Check out the preview. I love Spanish gay movies and this one not only rocked but it was a musical with contemporary music thrown in.

November 25th, 2006

Drag Races in WeHo

Ruby Red Slippers

Halloween is always amazing in West Hollywood. The city hosts a street party that is supposedly the largest in the world for Halloween. But the weekend before down Santa Monica Blvd. the city puts on Drag Races where contestants have to wear a certain size heel and race down the street. It was my first time and it was great! My favorite picture was this one guy who was running down the strip with the most amazing ruby red slippers ever! Check them out!

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