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Viva Cuba

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Viva CubaThis weekend I saw the cutest movie with Rafael on NetFlix Streaming. It was called Viva Cuba. The movie took place in Cuba and centered around two children who are friends. The main character realizes her mom wants to leave Cuba with her new foreign husband. When she finds out about this she takes her friend on a crazy adventure across Cuba to find her dad and ask him to not sign the papers to allow her to leave the country.

The story was so endearing! The acting was amazing, and it made me miss Miami so much! Even though I live in Los Angeles and there are tons of latins around, there is something very distinct about Cubans! This movie captures this beauitfully! You really fall in love with the two friends as they set out on their adventure.

The whole time I was watching the movie I was realizing how far I really am from my family and friends in Miami. I know one day I’ll move back, but when exactly will that be? I love living in Los Angeles and it has been very good to me, especially since my field of work really lends itself to the technology focused state of California. But I do miss Miami. I don’t miss the weather, but I miss my family, friends, and the people of Miami.

I have this loose plan that when I turn 35 I’ll start actively searching for a job in the South Florida area. We’ll see how far I get with these plans! Life always brings things that prevents you from making any long term planning especially when buying victorinox swiss army knife! So we’ll see! Until then I’ll just have to visit Miami a lot! You will find detailed information and a buying guide on portable generators My goal this coming year is to make three trips. One trip I’m making in March. I definitely want to be there for Thanksgiving. And I also want to visit sometime in the Summer!

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