Lady Gaga @ the Nokia Theatre

Monster BallI was dying to go see Lady Gaga and the day was finally here. We had tickets to go see her at the Nokia Theatre in the new L.A. Live area of downtown. It was my first time in the L.A. Live area of downtown and it was amazing! It was a small city in there! They had the Grammy Museum, which I’m dying to go see, and tons of restaurants and things to do. And of course it has the Nokia Theatre. The Theatre was great!

It was so modern. We were super excited to see the Gaga. As expected all the fans were either gay boys or tween girls. We got along great! They had some Lady Gaga earphones called HeartBeats which they were trying to peddle, even though they were overpriced, they were kind of cool looking! We hadn’t had dinner yet so we picked up some beer and some hot dogs. We are so glamorous! I know.

We were looking at the Merch counter and Rafael absolutely had to buy the Lady Gaga bedazzled mask. You’ll see pictures below! It was too tight for his face! It wouldn’t even go over my big head :) We finally made our way into the theatre. It was a cool space. Not too big, not too small. Just right! The opening act was Semi Precious Weapons. They were cute and super gay, but it was too heavy rock/punk for me to get into. It was a last minute change up since Kid Cudi was supposed to open, but he punched one his his fans in the face, so he was banned from the tour and was performing later at Club Nokia across the street!

The concert finally started and we were excited. I have to say I did enjoy the concert. But it wasn’t what I was expecting. I was expecting over-the-top Lady Gage. Kind of what she did at the VMA’s. But instead it was muted. Not muted in an artistically edited kind of way, muted in a we have to put this concert together last minute to make some money. At least that’s what it felt like for me. Lady Gaga to me is over the top. I love her for it. Her concert did not reflect this. There were many times where I noticed she wasn’t singing live. Usually I don’t care about this, but I know she can sing. So I didn’t get it.

Also she didn’t perform Telephone! One of my favorite songs and it just didn’t happen. It was very frustrating. I’m not loosing hope in her though. I think after a couple of albums she’ll have a killer tour soon. I know it! No one is making music like she is right now! No one!!!

Enjoy some of the pictures I took at the concert below. See the full album on Facebook:

At the Monster Ball

At the Monster Ball

At the Monster Ball

At the Monster Ball


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