Gloomy Rainy Weekend

Not That Into YouIt’s been rainy, cold, and gloomy here in LA. I know we can’t complain much since we only get this weather for two weeks out of the year, but it still sucks because I can’t go hiking with Lola! Even though it was a gloomy weekend, I got a lot done! I took this down time to update my FaceBook profile with a ton of new galleries! I also added some new galleries to my photo album on my site: Photos Page 5 and Photos Page 6. I have a ton more of galleries coming out, so be on the look out!

Saturday night I went to dinner with Mariano at the ArcLight Hollywood. I had the wine and cheese plate which was yummy! After dinner we went to see He’s Just Not That In To You I was hoping it was going to be good, but Mariano and I agreed it sucked hard. REAL HARD. The beginning of the movie was cool because it was realistic and then half-way through the movie, everything that the movie had done right was reversed by the end of the movie. It was brutally awful. I wanted my money back. There went three hours of my life.

The weirdest thing happened on the way home. We were at a stop light and we looked over at some crazy car that was driving all kinds of crazy on Sunset Blvd. When we looked over, the passenger (a girl) was punching the shit out of the driver. Then the driver ( a guy) started punching the shit out of the girl and banging her head on the dashboard. It was surreal!! After Mariano dropped me off he called me to tell me they were stopped by the Police. Drama LA style! What is up with that?

Sunday I did some more FaceBook galleries and Luis and I decided to go to WestField Century City to get a bite to eat and watch Push. Westfield Century City is one of my favorite malls. It’s so modern and chic. The food court looks like something straight out of an architecture magazine. We had lunch at Fuddruckers which was yummy!!! We got our tickets for Push and then went to Barnes and Noble for a bit until the movie started. It’s so funny because I didn’t expect to like the movie as much as I did. It was so freaking good. Luis walked out of it thinking it was amazing, well written, and the special effects were used only when necessary.

And I have to say that I am in love with the main star Chris Evans. Sure Dakota Fanning was amazing, but Chris was so fucking hot throughout the whole movie! I was in love….Seriously in love. And I’m back.

After the movie we stopped at the Gelson’s in the mall for some groceries. It’s funny because I’ve been in Gelsons a few times but never to do groceries. In fact the first time Luis and I visited LA, we had lunch at the Pasadena one. I enjoyed our Century City experience so much that I might start shopping there full-time now! It’s great because it’s a blend of a regular grocery store with specialty items that I could only get at Trader Joe’s before.

After Gelson’s we went home and I was excited to watch The Grammy’s on TIVO. It sucked hardcore!!! The sound was awful, the artists performing were awful. It was just wrong wrong wrong! Adele didn’t sound quite right, M.I.A. was cute but should have sang paper planes, and Estelle and Kanye, I just didn’t feel that performance.For the next week we will prepare the best portable generator review and much more! Everything else was pure crap!!! Oh well, let’s see what happens next year!



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