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Auntie Mame @ OutFest Wednesdays

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Auntie_MameI went to go See Auntie Mame last night with Rafael and John for Outfest Wednesday’s annual Christmas tradition.

Rafael and I got to Hollywood and HIghland a bit early so that we can get a bite to eat. It was raining and freezing that night! It was so freaking cold that it was snowing in Malibu and Lancaster! It was just freezing rain in Hollywood though. We went to Johnny Rockets where we shared some chilli fries. We each had burgers. We were super stuffed! We were running kind of late so we swallowed it all down, and then headed over to the movie.

There was a reception before the movie and we got to have some free cocktails. YEH! We found some good seats and they did the Q&A portion of the program before the movie ended, SMART! Pippa Scott was there to talk a little bit about the movie and her new project. She played Pegeen Ryan. After the Q&A the movie got going.

It was a special treat for Rafael and I because we had never seen it before. We both loved it so much. It was so funny. It was amazing to me to see how this movie has really stood the test of time. It’s hard for a comedy to be so funny and relevant in modern times, and it was. So needless to say we are now huge Auntie Mame fans!!! HUGE! We’ll be coming every year to this!

Rafael also mentioned that he’s having a little New Year’s Eve get-together. So that’s going to be tons of fun!!! I’ll bring the camera…

Chi Chi LaRue West Hollywood Store Opening Party

Friday, December 12th, 2008

John and I went to the grand opening of the Chi Chi LaRue store in West Hollywood last night. John came over and we walked down to the festivities. We were kinda early and one of the first ones there. We met Chi Chi and had tons of fun! There was tons of free champagne flowing and Jeremy Bilding was one of the servers. So we hung out with him a lot. John and I took turns taking pictures with our favorite porn stars:Jeremy Bilding, Johnny Hazzard, Barrett Long, and Perez Hilton was there so I needed take a picture to make Alina and Vivian jealous!

The party was over at around 10pm and then we moved over to the after party called Temptation @ Apple Restaurant and Lounge. It was a very beautiful place. I had never been in there before. We hung out at the party for a little bit but I was starving since I hadn’t had any dinner! And we had to work friday. So we partied for a little bit then headed over to Greenich Village for some pizza and then we walked back home! I had so much fun! Enjoy the pictures below!

Chi Chi LaRue Van

Chi Chi and John

Our Newest Model, Me, and Jeremy Bilding

Chi Chi and Me: Bad

Chi Chi and Me: Good

John and Johnny Hazzard

Johnny Hazzard and Kelvis

Perez Hilton and Kelvis

Barrett Long and John

Kelvis and Barrett Long

Porn Guy and John

John next to Chi Chi Mobile

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