Getty Villas and Nicola’s Bday

Getty VillasSaturday I took Nicola out for her birthday. She wanted to try this Thai place in North Hollywood called, Arunee House. We headed over around 7pm, Nicola was late as usual, and I was surprised to learn that the restaurant was right next to the Trader Joe’s that I go to all the time in Toulca Lake, when I’m at work. We had a great time. We had a feast with drinks, an appetizer, soup, and two entrees. And it was cheap! We will definitely be going there again. It’s half Chinese and half Thai. So you really can’t go wrong!

After dinner we headed down to the Sherman Oaks Galleria to catch a movie at the new ArcLight Cinemas. We wanted to see the new James Bond Movie: Quantum of Solace, but it was almost sold out and Nicola didn’t want to sit in the front row. Getty VillasWe got some coffee and then went into Urban Home, where NIcola bought a really cute candle stool! Don’t ask what it is. It’s a stool. It holds candles! After that we went home. As we were leaving Sherman Oaks, we took Ventura Blvd. and I’m always amazed to see how many stores, restaurants there are in Los Angeles. If I ever do buy a house in Southern California, I’ll probably have to start in the Valley. I’m OK with that as long as I’m at least close to Ventura Blvd! It has that WeHo vibe to it!

Getty Villas
Sunday, Nicola, Ivette, Luis and I had reservations to check out the Getty Villas in Malibu. The museum is free but the parking isn’t. The parking is not as big as the main Getty Museum, so you have to make reseverations. Every time I’ve tried in the past, it’s been booked! This time around it wasn’t. We had a great time. It was beautiful. I’m a big fan of the Getty Museum, and this one was great. The scenery was breath taking. The outdoor pools were amazing. My favorite exhibit was the mummy one. Check it out if you ever visit the villas and if you want to rent one please with nice guttering Bespoke Guttering is a good place to get your aluminium gutters from.

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