Save Me @ Laemmle 5

SaveMeLuis and I had seen a trailer for this movie when we went to see Boystown at the Laemmle 5 during TLA’s mini gay-film festival. It looked very interesting and we are both Chad Allen fans! When I got the newsletter from the Laemmle that the premiere was Friday in LA, I knew we had to go! The main actors were going to be there after the show for a Q&A.

After work I went home to drop Lola off, I changed and I headed for the theater. Luis was going to meet me there later since he got off work later than I did. Since I Had a little bit of time I decided to purchase the Premiere Card at the Laemmle. It’s kinda expensive at $100.00 but there are a lot of discounts and perks. Every week they have a 2-1 member movie and you get discounts all the time on movies! It’s great! So I bought our two tickets with the Premiere Card.

When I was waiting for the movie to start, and for Luis to get there, I saw Judith Light coming up the escalator. It struck me how skinny and pale she is! It was so cool to see her! I had grown up watching Who’s the boss and here she was! I never saw Chad Allen come up but I did see Robert Gant come up.

The movie was great! It was really nice to see such a well written piece. The movie dealt with an Ex-Gay ministry headed up by Judith Light’s character. Chad Allen’s character, through a series of events, ends up in the Christian ex-gay ministry, and eventually falls in love with another man in the group. The movie is great because every character was so well written. Every person who comes to the ministry has a different reason to be cured from their “gayness”. The most surprising part was how well written Judith Light’s character was. You usually want to hate her character as the evil oppressor, but towards the end of the movie you sympathize with why she’s doing it. You can see that she means well, even though she is way, way, way misguided. You should definitely check it out!

The Q&A afterwards was great. The Producer, Director, Judith Light, Chad Allen, and Robert Gant all came up to talk. Judith Light and Chad Allen were very articulate. Robert Grant seemed very shy! It was a great fun night. We saw a whole bunch of gay celebs that night: T.R. Knight and Reichen Lehmkuhl. After the movie we were both starving since we didn’t have dinner so we ended the night in one of my favorite restaurants: Koo Koo Roo!


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