College Flyering Day 2: CSULB + CSUDH + LBCC


Our Sunday College Flyering outing started out with some drama. By mid-morning though Luis and I had gotten over it. We started out adventure in Long Beach. Most of the colleges we were hitting up were in the area. We went to Staples first to make our copies! We went across the street to Starbucks to start the morning off right and then we were off to the Cal State Long Beach(CSULB) campus.

The CSULB campus was huge! There were some Japanese Gardens that I wanted to check out but we were on a flyering mission, so I didn’t have time for fun stuff. There was a gigantic pyramid in the middle of the school. It looked like their Performing Arts Center. It was very cool and blue! We walked along the campus flyering away and were really taken aback at how beautiful this campus was. There was an outside swimming pool in the Student Center, beautiful fountains everywhere, and a lot of Art Deco architecture everywhere. We were already exhausted, and had used up all our flyers for CSULB, but we had to head to our next stop which was Long Beach City College (LBCC).

The LBCC campus was not that big but it was really pretty. The architecture was amazing. The best part of the campus was that there were wild bunnies everywhere! It was so cool!! Since the campus was small we flyered it pretty well. This was the campus that we got the best response from! I think it’s because it was smaller and we really canvased the area well! We used up all our flyers again! After the LBCC we went to this Chinese Buffet that Luis really likes. I had never been there before. I’m not gonna lie, the food was not appetizing at all to me. Everything looked real nasty. I had a few things. But I wasn’t loving it the way I love Soup Plantation’s buffet!

After lunch we headed to Cal State Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). This campus wasn’t as big as the other ones. It was still pretty big though! What was cool about this campus was that it actually holds the Home Depot Center. The Home Depot Center is where the Galaxy Soccer team plays! Hello David Beckham!

We used up all our flyers at CSUDH! By this point we were fucking exhausted! We had covered three campuses. The next day we were supposed to do USC and some other schools, but that didn’t happen. We needed a break!

Check out the gallery that I created for the College Flyering Weekend by clicking on: College Flyering Gallery I.


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