College Flyering Day 1: UCLA + SMC


Luis and I decided to flyer a couple of local colleges around the Los Angeles area. There are tons of colleges in LA and we wanted to flyer them and also explore them. For the first day we decided to hit up: University of California: Los Angeles, Santa Monica College, and Pacific Western University. We never really found Pacific Western University. We drove by where it was supposed to be, but no luck!

We started our adventures at Duke’s in West Hollywood. It’s a great breakfast spot, it’s very close to our house, and the food is great! We went to make copies at Staples, since we needed to make all the copies for our flyering. It was very exciting to get our day started. We made the copies and then headed off to UCLA. The campus was huge!!! I started taking tons of pictures and Luis and I began flyering. We were very nervous because our flyering was of an adult nature and we were not sure of where we could post our flyers. We forgot to get tape so all we had was a staple gun!

The campus was beautiful. We did the best we could and put flyers in a whole bunch of places. Towards the end of our exploration we found the UCLA store, and we bought some tape! We decided we would come back and flyer more thoroughly next time since we now had tape.

While we were by the Law School at UCLA I had to take a poop!! I hate to use public bathrooms but I had to go!!! The Law School said it was closed but the doors were open. I went in to the pubic rest room and used it. I was so nervous because I thought someone would say, “what the hell are you doing in here, you don’t belong here!”. No one ever bothered me! I did here people coming in and out though, so I guess it wasn’t a big deal.

We were exhausted but we had one more stop: Santa Monica College. On an unrelated note, I applied to SMC for a photography certificate which I will start in the Spring!! It should be exciting!! When we got to SMC I didn’t think it was as big as it was!! It was huge! We used up all our flyers for SMC! We went all over the campus. It was great. They had a huge swimming pool area. It was amazing.

Once we finished flyering SMC we were exhausted. It was a hot day and we walked all over the place! We headed back to WeHo and we were hungry. So we stopped at one of my favorite restaurants in West Hollywood, Koo Koo Roo. It’s great because Koo Koo Roo has so many healthy food choices, and their Macaroni and Cheese is to die for!!!

Check out the gallery that I created for the College Flyering Weekend by clicking on: College Flyering Gallery I.

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