Trouble The Water

Trouble the WaterI dragged Luis with me to see this documentary for the Laemmle Sneak Preview Club. The Preview Club picks a movie and shows it in one of the Laemmle Theaters for free for people in the Los Angeles area who register for the club. This time around they picked Trouble the Water and it was playing at the Laemmle near our house on Sunset 5. Even though we both were hesitant to go, we were both glad that we went! What can we say we are lazy! It was an amazing documentary.

Trouble the Water is a documentary about a couple, Kimberly Rivers Roberts and Scott Roberts, who experience and document with their camcorder surviving through Katrina. The documentary uses footage that Kimberly took interlaced within the documentary to give the viewer a feel for what it was like to be in the hurricane. The documentary itself was amazing but the shining star of the movie was Kimberly (Kold Medina as she’s known on her HipHop album).

Kimberly has definitely gone through some crazy times in her life. She had her home destroyed by Katrina, went through a tough childhood, had her mother and father pass away, and yet she continues living life with hope, dignity, and such a full sense of positive energy that transcends through the screen. I have to say there were some deeply emotional parts of this movie. The overall message in the movie is hope and strength, but it was hard seeing the poverty and desperation that less fortunate Americans have. Coming from humble beginnings myself, I know how important it is to stay positive and focus on the things that bring you happiness in life. None of which are material.

I knew that there was a question and answer session with the directors after the movie, but what I didn’t know was that the two stars of the movie were there! It was so amazing! I feel so lucky to be in Los Angeles where we have the privilege of having a question and answer session with the director and the people in the movie! It was so amazing. Luis and I were both blown away by it.

The movie is hitting New York and Los Angeles on August 22nd and then hopefully to the rest of the US and the world. If you have a chance go see it! Kimberly started her own record label, Born Hustler Records. Many of the songs in the movie are hers and I have to say they are very catchy and pretty good. She was selling her CD outside the screening but I didn’t have any cash on me and I was broke, so I’ll definitely buy her album on iTunes or on her site! She’ll probably get more money off her site.

If you do catch a screening of the movie let me know what you think. After all,

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