WeHo Pride: Day 2

LA Pride

I was tired and hung over from the first night of partying!!! But the party goes on. The Pride parade was today and as is tradition we all went to have brunch before the festivities started. For brunch we managed to find a spot at Joey’s. We walked down from my place and actually found a table for us. The group consisted of: Mariano, Dan, Rafael, Brian, David, and myself. We finished just in time to walk over to the parade.

The parade is right off Santa Monica Blvd. so we walked down a couple of blocks from Joey’s to meet up with Jim and some other friends. The parade was great like always. It was hot as hell and everyone wanted to leave early. They all stayed and we had a great time. I saw Jack walk by with his friend. They said hi and then they went their own way.

If you want to see the gallery from the parade this year check out the LA Pride 2008 Gallery.

Once the parade was over we walked over to the festival for the second day! It was jam packed and hot! The men were hot, the weather was hot, it was all hot!! There were so many hotties half dressed that I remembered why the festival was so much fun in LA :) We got some drink tickets, Had a couple of drinks, and we saw the Western Show. It’s put on by Oil Can Harry’s in Studio City. It’s always great and there were some hotties line dancing their little hearts away!

After a bit we decided to go home. We had drank so much, the heat was intense, and Rafael and I had the worst sun burn ever!!! It took days for us to recover from that!! We did have lots of fun though!! I can’t wait for next year’s Pride festival!! It’s gonna be great.


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