WeHo Pride: Day 1

Pride this year was crazy! LA Pride (Christopher Street West) is my favorite pride. I say that because I live in West Hollywood and we host it :) But it’s so much fun. The parade is always on sunday morning so I woke up early Saturday morning and Rafael, Brian, and I headed down to Hugo’s for brunch. We love us some Hugo’s. They have the best organic brunch in the city I think.

What’s nice about going to the Pride festival on Saturday is that it is not crowded. Everyone comes in on Sunday after the parade and you can’t see or “play” with anyone :). Since it was not so crowded we got to walk around and see all the booths and play all the games. Over at the Hollywood Bowl booth they had a wheel that you spun for prizes. I played twice and both times I won free tickets to the Bowl. The Hollywood Bowl is our gigantic amphitheater in Hollywood. It’s a great pace to catch a concert, have a picnic, and drink lots of wine! The more wine you drink the better the musical performances are! The first time I went to the Bowl I got to see Cher’s farewell tour for the third time. It was great!

Back to the Pride Festival. It was jam packed with super hot boys. Guys had their shirts off and all the booths had the best looking guys promoting their stuff. I have to say the best job was done by the movie Mamma Mia. They had the hottest guys ever giving away sun screen, beach balls, and who knows what else!

We headed over to the adult section of the festival called: Erotic City. They usually have live sex demonstrations and booths of all the popular porn companies. The best booth this year by far was the Dildo cock ring toss. It was so much fun. You paid some money to get large rubber cock rings. You had to toss the rings and they had to land on the dildo’s. If you hit the dildos in the back you wom a $30.00 gift card to the local sex shop. The front-most dildos got you a $10.00 gift certificate. Rafael scored the $30.00 gift card and I scored the $10.00 one. It was awesome!

Brian and Rafael had to leave early because they were going to see a play. I walked back home exhausted. But then Jim called saying he wanted to go down to the festival. Since I had the stamp we walked on down there! I introduced Jim to the Asian boys at the GAPSN table. The idea was to see the musical guests for that night which were amazing. However we met up with Ron and Naim from GAPSN and they had brought some vodka! The rest was history. We got so drunk and messed up. The GAPSN table had some suck the duck gimmick for a free prize and we stayed there for hours egging people to play! It was so much fun.

I had a little too much fun and I went off with a new “friend” to one of the public toilets. Let’s just say I usually have a phobia of public toilets, let alone being inside one with someone else, but when you are drunk, you do some crazy shit!!!! That’s all the details I’ll give out for now! We actually stayed so long out that Pride closed and they were waiting for our drunk asses to get out. The food people gave us their left over food and we were snacking away at around midnight!!! And that was the end of the first night! Crazy!! But Fun Crazy!!!!

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