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Sex and the City the Movie

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

SATC-MOVIELuis, Ivette, and I went to go see Sex and the City: The Movie today. I didn’t see it right away when it came out, even though I wanted to! Arclight Cinemas Hollywood had a whole package where they included the movie tickets, they had flavored martinis, and mini hot dogs from New York. I so would have done that but it was kind of expensive!

So we just went to a regular showing at the Arclight. It was jam packed! It’s great to go to the Arclight for big movies because you can purchase a specific seat and not have to worry about going in a group and getting split up. I was apprehensive going into the movies because I heard mixed reviews. Some reviewers said that the show works great in a 30 minute format but dragged on in a movie format where it was over two hours long! I think we all in unison when I say we loved the movie. There were some very deep sad moments, some hilarious moments, and overall it felt like revisiting with an old friend. I miss the series so much and I enjoyed the movie so much.

I would kill for that house in Malibu where Samantha was staying with her boyfriend! It was killer!

WeHo Pride: Day 2

Sunday, June 8th, 2008
LA Pride

I was tired and hung over from the first night of partying!!! But the party goes on. The Pride parade was today and as is tradition we all went to have brunch before the festivities started. For brunch we managed to find a spot at Joey’s. We walked down from my place and actually found a table for us. The group consisted of: Mariano, Dan, Rafael, Brian, David, and myself. We finished just in time to walk over to the parade.

The parade is right off Santa Monica Blvd. so we walked down a couple of blocks from Joey’s to meet up with Jim and some other friends. The parade was great like always. It was hot as hell and everyone wanted to leave early. They all stayed and we had a great time. I saw Jack walk by with his friend. They said hi and then they went their own way.

If you want to see the gallery from the parade this year check out the LA Pride 2008 Gallery.

Once the parade was over we walked over to the festival for the second day! It was jam packed and hot! The men were hot, the weather was hot, it was all hot!! There were so many hotties half dressed that I remembered why the festival was so much fun in LA :) We got some drink tickets, Had a couple of drinks, and we saw the Western Show. It’s put on by Oil Can Harry’s in Studio City. It’s always great and there were some hotties line dancing their little hearts away!

After a bit we decided to go home. We had drank so much, the heat was intense, and Rafael and I had the worst sun burn ever!!! It took days for us to recover from that!! We did have lots of fun though!! I can’t wait for next year’s Pride festival!! It’s gonna be great.

WeHo Pride: Day 1

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

Pride this year was crazy! LA Pride (Christopher Street West) is my favorite pride. I say that because I live in West Hollywood and we host it :) But it’s so much fun. The parade is always on sunday morning so I woke up early Saturday morning and Rafael, Brian, and I headed down to Hugo’s for brunch. We love us some Hugo’s. They have the best organic brunch in the city I think.

What’s nice about going to the Pride festival on Saturday is that it is not crowded. Everyone comes in on Sunday after the parade and you can’t see or “play” with anyone :). Since it was not so crowded we got to walk around and see all the booths and play all the games. Over at the Hollywood Bowl booth they had a wheel that you spun for prizes. I played twice and both times I won free tickets to the Bowl. The Hollywood Bowl is our gigantic amphitheater in Hollywood. It’s a great pace to catch a concert, have a picnic, and drink lots of wine! The more wine you drink the better the musical performances are! The first time I went to the Bowl I got to see Cher’s farewell tour for the third time. It was great!

Back to the Pride Festival. It was jam packed with super hot boys. Guys had their shirts off and all the booths had the best looking guys promoting their stuff. I have to say the best job was done by the movie Mamma Mia. They had the hottest guys ever giving away sun screen, beach balls, and who knows what else!

We headed over to the adult section of the festival called: Erotic City. They usually have live sex demonstrations and booths of all the popular porn companies. The best booth this year by far was the Dildo cock ring toss. It was so much fun. You paid some money to get large rubber cock rings. You had to toss the rings and they had to land on the dildo’s. If you hit the dildos in the back you wom a $30.00 gift card to the local sex shop. The front-most dildos got you a $10.00 gift certificate. Rafael scored the $30.00 gift card and I scored the $10.00 one. It was awesome!

Brian and Rafael had to leave early because they were going to see a play. I walked back home exhausted. But then Jim called saying he wanted to go down to the festival. Since I had the stamp we walked on down there! I introduced Jim to the Asian boys at the GAPSN table. The idea was to see the musical guests for that night which were amazing. However we met up with Ron and Naim from GAPSN and they had brought some vodka! The rest was history. We got so drunk and messed up. The GAPSN table had some suck the duck gimmick for a free prize and we stayed there for hours egging people to play! It was so much fun.

I had a little too much fun and I went off with a new “friend” to one of the public toilets. Let’s just say I usually have a phobia of public toilets, let alone being inside one with someone else, but when you are drunk, you do some crazy shit!!!! That’s all the details I’ll give out for now! We actually stayed so long out that Pride closed and they were waiting for our drunk asses to get out. The food people gave us their left over food and we were snacking away at around midnight!!! And that was the end of the first night! Crazy!! But Fun Crazy!!!!

Alec Mapa: No Fats, Fems, or Asians

Friday, June 6th, 2008
Alec Mapa

I’m a big fan of Alec Mapa’s. I was so excited for this show! For the show, Rafael, Brian, and Julian came with! I love going to events at the Gay and Lesbian Center’s: Village at Ed Gould Plaza. I think either all or a majority of the events that are held there donate money back to the Gay and Lesbian Center. The Renburg Theater, which is inside the Village, is a great venue. It’s pretty big but it still feels intimate.

The show was very funny. I thought it was going to be just stand-up comedy but it was a little stand-up, a little bit of choreographed dancing, some singing, and special appearances by Calpernia and the lady who plays the funny old asian lady. Yeah that’s right, Rafael, Brian, Julian, or I couldn’t remember her name or what show/movie she’s been in. But it was cute.

Calpernia Addams came out and did a country number with Alec and the dancer boys. She busted out with a fiddle and started playing away. It was really good!! I wasn’t too surprised that she was there since Alec was the host of her reality tv dating show for Logo: Transamerican Love Story. I’ve seen Calpernia everywhere these days. She was at Legendary Bingo at Hamburger Mary’s promoting her show at Logo. It was either there or at some other event where I learned that Calpernia’s story was made into the movie Solder’s Girl. That movie was so powerful and moving and to know that it was about her real life experience, was very powerful to me. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since. I even got to meet her at LA Pride 2008.

But back to the show. The show was pretty funny but there were definitely some fucked up parts! There was a part in the show where Alec was talking about his adopted dog and how the dog passed away a while back. It was so touching and emotional except that right after that…they went into a musical number and the singer was dressed like a big shaggy dog and they were singing Mika’s Happy Ending. It was fucked up! But I have to say the female singer throughout the show was amazing. AMAZING!! We had a really good time.

After the show the Village had an art exhibit at the Advocate and Gochis Galleries which are inside the Village also! I totally wanted to stay because the exhibit was really interesting it was a photography exhibit on trans models. There was free booze and a lot of gay celebs. We saw Jay Rodriguez from Queer Eye, Darryl Stephens from Noah’s Arc, and super hottie Reichen Lehmkuhl. Brian and I were interested in staying and seeing the exhibit but Rafael and Julian were over it. So Brian and I quickly walked through the exhibit and then we were done! Oh well. We did have tons of fun though! Rafael got back to my place and then wanted to drink and I was like…hello we could have had free cocktails at the gallery! Another night….same Rafael!!

Gays R Us @ Hollywood Improv

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Gays R UsJulian, Mariano, and I went to the Hollywood Improv to check out Gays R Us. Gays R Us is an all gay comedy night at the Improv that I had heard about from listening to Frank DeCaro’s show on Sirius’ OutQ. Frank was headlining that night and I wanted to check it out. So we headed on over. Since we have never been there before and it’s so close to my house, we decided to have dinner there. The food was surprisingly very good. It was of a chain restaurant’s consistency like Friday’s.

The one perk that I didn’t realize was that if we had dinner at the Improv we had first dibs on the seats for the show. So when we finished dinner and headed over to our seats we were front and center. And I mean front and center! We could reach out and touch the microphone if we wanted to. We shared the table with a really nice woman who worked for a lesbian magazine. I think it was Curve. But I’m not sure. She was interviewing one of the lesbian comediennes who also played sports. Go figure :) We had a very good time. It was a little too nerve racking for my tastes being up so close, but it was fun! Mariano got picked on, and one of the guy comedians was all about Julian!

I have to say that we all agreed that the women comediennes were way funnier than the guys. Frank DeCaro was cute but only because I’m a fan of his show and know his material. He was really nervous up there performing. I definitely want to go back again! They do Gays R Us every month I believe. I hope it stays funny. And the guys that were there were hot hot hot! Who knew hot boys liked to laugh :)

I have to do one last plug for If you live in a big city you have to sign up for a free membership. They have great deals and discounts on all kinds of shows and events. We got the tickets to Gays R Us for half the price we would have paid if we would have gone through the Improv!!!! It’s amazing.

Weekend Outings and Matt’s 50th

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Matt 50thThis weekend at was action packed! Saturday Brian and Rafael wanted to have a party at their house. I haven’t been to their new house in Pasadena so it was a great way to drink, eat, and see their new diggs. It took me a while to find it but I finally found their home. I must say that whenever I head over to the Pasadena area I get a little nostalgic. When I first came to visit LA to consider moving here, my boss put me up in a hotel in Pasadena. I had to drive all the way in to the West Side Calgary Moving Companies every day from Pasadena. The 110 Pasadena Freeway is the first freeway in Los Angeles. And believe me judging on how tight it is, I believe it!

Brian and Rafael’s house was amazing! It was a multi-level house and every floor either has a balcony or patio. It was so much fun. When I got there, there were already 10-15 people there. Everyone was either in the kitchen or in the balcony leading off the kitchen. The views of Pasadena and Glendale were breathtaking! I was very impressed with the house. And the party was great too!!! I brought my iPod along and blasted all my songs. We made Mojitos, Margaritas, you name it. I think we all had a little too much to drink! Julian was definitely not having fun since he was in the bathroom wishing he hadn’t drunk that much!

It was really cool too that Miriam from work came. She lives in the area and she stopped by with her friend Sean. I think they both had a great time. Sean was popular with the Asian boys at the party. Another big hit of the party was when everyone found out that I work for Of course they found out because I told everyone :) It was a great party, I met a lot of new friends, and I’m totally glad that I went out.

Sunday morning was rough. I almost cancelled Matt’s BBQ. But I didn’t want to do that because a couple of weeks earlier I had canceled on Miriam because I was so hung over. It’s a common theme I think! I took Lola for a walk then I headed over to Matt’s. I got there right on time. Miriam was there with her daughter Sarah and Sean. Anthony came and it was Harlan and Matt. Harlan was cooking up a hamburger storm. We all ate like crazy then everyone went into the pool. It was a very fun and mellow time. Which was great because I was still hung over from the night before.

I love when I go out to visit friends during the weekend, but then I get sad that I didn’t spend any quality time with Lola at home! I guess I’ll always be a homebody till the day I die! I did have tons of fun though!

Rafael Dancing @ the House Party

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

First Mariano, now see Rafael breaking it down at his House Party!
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