Weekend Indy and Wii

Indiana JonesMariano and I checked out Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I heard mixed reviews on this movie. Some people loved it, some people hated it. I have to admit I really wanted to see the movie. The only way I got Mariano to go with me is because I told him I had free tickets. Our grocery store in West Hollywood, Pavilions always has a promotion in the summer where if you buy a certain number of frozen foods, you get two movie tickets of your choice. It’s not like those free movie tickets for AMC where you have to see an old ass movie. This one is good for anything.

So we headed down to the Hollywood ArcLight Cinema to watch the movie. We hadn’t eaten dinner yet so we decided to get some food at the restaurant at the theater. They had the motorcycle which was used in the movie on display. So that was cool. The movie itself was pretty bad. The special effects looked pretty crappy. I don’t know if that was done on purpose or not. I found myself bored through much of the film. I used to love how these movies used to get my imagination going….not this one. It was pretty lame.

Even though it was the long weekend for Memorial Day, the weather was pretty crappy in LA. It never rains here except in the winter-time, and it was overcast and even rained a couple of days. So it was the perfect weekend to lounge at home and watch movies. I totally threw myself into my Wii and PS2. On the PS2 I’m still playing God of War II. It’s a great game and I’m glad I’m getting back into it.

The Wii I had ignored for a couple of weeks. But now I’m back playing the Virtual Consule and Wii Sports. Wii Sports came with the consule but it’s so damn fun!! I even played a litttle bit of Mario Galaxy!

I decided that this was a perfect weekend to get out my Yoga DVD. I’ve tried a couple but my favorite DVD still is: MTV: Yoga. It’s a great aerobic pace and it really works you out. Every time I’m done with the DVD I feel amazing. Hopefully I’ll start doing my Yoga as part of my workouts!!

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