East Side Story and Gay Movies from Video West

Gay MoviesAfter Luis and I went to the Natural History Museum, we swung by Video West in West Hollywood to pick up some movies. Yes I do have a NetFlix account which I love very much, but sometimes you miss going through your neighborhood gay video store. That’s what made me decide to pick up a free membership at Video West. They have tons of new gay movies and they have a large foreign section! Plus you can’t forget their adult section!!! It’s a win, win, win situation!

The last movie that we saw was the best. East Side Story was one that Luis picked. It was so cute! The writing was very well done, the characters were written very nicely, and it had that latino factor that made it feel like it was my life. It was great! I definately recommend this one if you haven’t seen it. Luis said it had that Mambo Italiano vibe. The production value wasn’t the best, but it definitely added to the at home feel that the movie had. The movie was about a mexican-american 20-something in East LA who is just coming out and wants to open up his dream restaurant. He lives with his grandmother and has to work her restaurant while he puts his dreams on hold…It’s so realistic!

Gay MoviesNow for the not so good news! The first movie that was saw was Matrimonium. The premise of the movie was that a straight guy and a gay guy have to go on a reality TV show and pretend to be in love to win the grand prize. They have to fool their parents and friends into believing that they are in a real relationship. IT WAS GAY BAD! The acting was horrible. The gay character looks like it was written by a straight homophobic writer who has just uses stereotype after stereotype for the gay character. I watched it through the end because it was a gay movie, but DAMN, I was tempted to just turn it off! If you watch this movie don’t say I didn’t warn you. Oh and the host, was just creepy. CREEPY!

Gay MoviesThe second movie that we saw was Hooked. This one was a very nice surprise. I thought this was another movie when I picked it up called Open Cam. This one was a documentary about hooking up. It was really nicely done. I always find it fascinating because I always have my Manhunt.net account open and ready for business! It had this fun and upbeat start and then it kinda ended on a really sad note. It was like a classic french film except no one killed themselves.

So that was our movie weekend!

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