Long Beach Pride: Rick and Steve from Logo

Jim and I saw Rick and Steve from Logo at the Long Beach Pride festival. They were being dirty…

Rick and Steve
Rick and Steve Kissing

Rick and Steve
Rick and Steve Doing the Back Door Bambi

Long Beach Pride was cute! I wish I would have spent more time there. Nobody wanted to go except for Jim! I couldn’t stay all of Saturday because I had a Robyn concert that night and we had the craziest heat wave ever!!! You know I like it hot, but it was freaking crazy hot! Jim and I were outside for about two hours and in that time the sun drained us completely of our energy! We saw the Rick and Steve blow up dolls that I have picture of above. We also met two of the costars of the Big Gay Sketch Show from Logo: Nicol Paone and Stephen Guarino. They both were very friendly even though it was like an oven outside! They autographed photos for Jim and I.

The next day I tried to get Luis to go to the Pride festival. He wasn’t having it. I also suggested the Body Worlds exhibit at the California Science Center. It was a little pricey and it’s a popular exhibit so we didn’t go. Luis did however mention he wanted to go to the Natural History Museum at the Exposition Park. It was really neat because I’ve never been to that area! So it was a real nice treat. There are two large museums in that area.

The Natural History Museum was not so impressive to me. We had the unfortunate luck of going during this gigantic Bug Fair that was being hosted by the museum. A lot of the exhibits were covered up because of the fair. The museum itself looked like it hadn’t been kept up. The exhibits were marginally interesting and the cafe was a hot mess. Luis was going to get a membership to the museum but I told him to check it out before he decides to get a year membership! I think he changed his mind about getting a membership! I think we would have had more fun at the Science Center, but I’m glad that we explored something new!

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