Roommie Drama and Little Mermaid Sing-a-Long

Little Mermaid
Heidee, her friend and I went to go see the Little Mermaid Sing-a-Long at the El Capitan Theatre. We had so much fun. I’m pretty sure that we were the only adults there without children. It felt a little creepy but we loved it anyway. Ariel came out before the movie which was fun. Before the movie started they released a whole bunch of fish confetti at the audience. Fun! Fun! Fun! Heidee really got into the singing!! The theatre was pretty empty though! I was amazed, I thought it would be more full than that! I have to say though that everytime I go to the Capitan, I feel like I should go there more often! I love that theatre. The prices are not the cheapest, but the experience is second to none!!!

So I had major Roommie drama! British Boy’s ex, Rex, was supposed to move in with me. We really hit it off and I thought he was such a great guy. So we make plans to move in together. He was going to move in May 1st. Something told me that things weren’t going to be smooth. Things never are with me and getting roommates. So as it turns out… two weeks before his move in date, he sends me an email saying that he feels bad but he can’t move in. All of a sudden he’s moving to NYC for a job opportunity that he can’t pass up. He gave other personal reasons which is really why I think he did it. It was all a cluster fuck. He fucked me over because I didn’t have anyone to help me pay for the month of May. He fucked over my co-worker, John, because he was going to move in to Rex’s apartment. Last time John went over to check out the apartment, Rex was still there. I was upset and hurt for a while but like I’ve said before on here, Karma is real, and it’s a bitch.

When I was telling Luis the story of what happened he said he wanted to move back in. You don’t know what a sigh of relief that was for me. I’ve known Luis forever, even though we have our differences, we work out as roommates. He’s someone that I can trust with the apartment and with Lola, and he totally understands the Cuban insanity factor. For example, I don’t have to worry about him being upset if my parents come to visit for a week. Cuban parts don’t get hotel rooms, they stay with you! Which is great! I did loose May’s rent because I didn’t have enough time to find someone but I am so glad that Luis came in for June. He saved me! And I think he missed West Hollywood too :)

The last bit of drama was when Anthony was moving out. He was going to move out on a Saturday. I told him that instead of doing that, that we should go to Venice for the day and he was welcome to move out the next Saturday. Anthony gave me this little speech about not wanting to over-extend his stay. I told him it was cool. So Friday night before our Venice outing he tells me he has a “baseball game” to go to and if we can go to Venice and be back by 2:00pm. I was frustrated at that point because he was supposed to be moving out all day and didn’t have baseball plans before. I said never mind because I don’t like to be held on to time constraints like that. So he tells me that we should do brunch the next day. I was mad but i got over it because he said we would do brunch.

Saturday morning I wake up ready for brunch and he tells me another story. This time he read the email wrong and the game is at 12:00pm. Can we do brunch in 45 minutes? At this point I’ve had it. I was so fucking pissed. And like always he pretends like he doesn’t know what’s wrong. I hate it when he plays the idiot. It made me realize there and then that Anthony doesn’t care about anyone else except himself. He gave me this speech about not over staying his welcome and the minute I tell him he doesn’t have to move out that Saturday he fills it with things to do that don’t involve me. Even though we were supposed to hang out all day. As kind of a goodbye. He fucked all that.

I’m at the point in my life that I have to keep moving if people don’t make an effort at friendship. This wasn’t the first time this happened, it was more like the third, and I’ve honestly had enough. I know I’ve had enough because instead of being angry, I’m indifferent. I just don’t care anymore. You have to surround yourself with people that love you and care for you. Not just people that are in it for themselves.

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