Vegas + Girls Weekend + Margaret Cho

We had an amazing time in Vegas! As soon as I process the pictures from my digital camera I’ll put them up!

The trip started Thursday night. Rafael, Mariano, and myself packed into my car and headed over to Vegas! We got off on a little bit of a late start because Mariano was late…as usual. We were all in high spirits and ready for the weekend to come! We arrived pretty late to Vegas and it was obvious that it was too late to go out. So we settled in to Franklin’s apartment and drank…and drank. Franklin was a great host! He made sure everyone was well lubricated :) His condo was so cute too!! It was huge and very close to the strip.

It was funny because Mariano usually holds back from drinking while he is in LA. He didn’t hold back Thursday night. He was so fucked up! It was funny to me and Rafael. After a couple of hours of drinking we all went to “sleep”. Rafael and I shared a room, Jeff, Franklin’s friend, slept in the living room, and Mariano and Franklin “shared a bed”. The next morning/mid-day we woke up hungry and Mariano woke up mostly hung-over. We decided to head down to Bahama Breeze. I love Bahama Breeze! I knew there was one in Vegas and I told everyone we should go there. I loved Bahama Breeze in Florida and sadly there is none near Los Angeles.

After lunch we headed over to the Planet Hollywood Casino. It used to be the Aladdin. Although I miss the Aladdin I have to say PH was very nice! They kept the mall which was one. We gambled for a bit, I won $300!!! Then we crossed the street and headed over to the Bellagio. I don’t remember gambling there but we went to the world’s largest chocolate fountain and had some gelato! We took some pictures outside and then headed back to the condo to get ready for the night. We all went to dinner around the fruit loop. We went to a cute little Sushi place that had the best Veggie Tempura Rolls I’ve ever had! Afterwards we headed out to the bars. We went to so many bars that night I don’t even remember them all. First we went into Gipsy. They had a drag show benefiting the community so we stayed and watched it.

After the show we were all fucked up. We headed over to the country/bear bar. It was packed. We were there for about 30 minutes and we met up with one of Franklin’s girlfriends. After that we went to another bar called FreeZone. We had some more drinks, danced some, and then I was paddled fucking hard by one of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. IT FUCKING HURT BAD! Thank God I was drunk. After that we went to Piranha/ 8 1/2. It was a very cool bar that were two bars in one. One seemed more local and friendly the other could have been in the middle of South Beach. We were probably there until 3:00AM. I was fucking exhausted. I was drunk, sobered up, drunk again, tipped the cute strippers, and then I was just tired!!!! Franklin was drunk as can be and did not want to go home!

We finally left and went to a mexican dive restaurant for some Tacos al Pastor. My new favorite! And then it was off to bed. The next morning Mariano and Franklin weren’t waking up. So Rafael, Jeff, and I headed over to the Orleans Hotel to get a lunch “snack”. And gamble some more! I didn’t win anything. After we got some food from the kiosk and gambled a little bit we headed back! We had early dinner reservations that night at FireFly which is a tapas restaurant. It was soo good! The appetizers were amazing. The Sangria was top-notch too!! It was very cool. We met a ton of Franklin’s friends who I can’t even remember now!

After dinner we headed to the Palms to check out Margaret Cho! It was so cool to see her at the Pearl theatre because that is where the Video Music Awards were for MTV where Britney did her opening act! The show was very funny but it was kinda the same routine that I saw her do before during the True Colors tour. I was kinda disapointed that I heard so many of the same jokes! We still had a great time though, it was Margaret Cho! Franklin and Jeff were supposed to meet her backstage, they won this auction that they paid good money for, but there was a mix-up and the meet-and-greet was before! Franklin needed a drink!

We did another tour of the bars in Vegas. This time I think we went to four bars. I lost track! Franklin was taking us from bar to bar to bar. The last bar we went to was this hole-in-the-wall. When we walked in it was so quiet and the people were scary! We were fucked up, again, so by the time we left we animated everyone in the bar. It was cute! We called it a night after that because Mariano, Rafael, and myself had to drive back to LA! The next morning we all went to the Orleans to do the breakfast buffet. It was the first and only buffet we did! We said our goodbyes and headed to Los Angeles.

The car trip was fun because we all used it as therapy! It was very cool. We got to LA in no time! We all agreed that we should do more of these trips and that we should plan some in the near future!! And that was the Vegas Girls night out trip.

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