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Here's JackieRoscoe, my good friend from college called me up the other day. Roscoe and I were really close in college. He was the one who gave me Lola for a birthday present! He’s now living in Germany as a teacher. He called from San Francisco so I knew he was in town! He asked me if I was still in LA and how far that was from San Francisco! Roscoe had never seen my LA apartment or even visited Southern California for that matter!

THe last time we saw each other was when we were both in Miami for Christmas break. He told me he would try to work something out so that he could come and visit me for a couple of days. This was Saturday. Sunday he called and said he could definately come and visit with his boyfriend Norman. I was so thrilled! I couldn’t wait to see Roscoe and show him around LA. My boss was really cool and let me take Wednesday and Thursday off. He had already given me Friday off because I was going to Vegas to see Margaret Cho with friends.

I was so nervous waiting for Roscoe in the airport. It was crazy! We hadn’t seen each other in years! His flight finally got in! We wasted no time in moving forward from wherever our friendship had last left off. Our friendship is good that way. I got to meet his boyfriend Norman. At first he was really quiet but then he warmed up to me. Roscoe had told me how they didn’t do anything gay while in San Francisco because they were staying with a straight friend.

I was sure to show them GAY GAY GAY Los Angeles. So we headed to my apartment. Lola was super excited to see Roscoe. I don’t know if it was because she remembered him or if she’s always excited! But you know how that goes. We all got settled in, refreshed ourselves, and then we went out on the town. The first stop I wanted to take them to was Jackie Beat’s show at Here Lounge. They loved it! It was a small crowd, but it was a Monday. Jackie did her usual live performance parodies. It was great! We also got drunk! That happened a lot!

Tuesday we went to MJ’s in Silverlake for RimJob. At first we got there a little too early. But in an hour the bar was full at capacity. There were tons of strippers. We went with Rafael who was ready to party, party, party! At first Roscoe and the boyfriend were timid and they didn’t want to tip the strippers. But we got drunk! So inhibitions were pushed to the side. Soon Norman and Roscoe were tipping their favorite stripper non-stop! It was too funny. Did I mention that we were drunk?

By Wednesday we were super exhausted. I took them by Venice. I don’t think they liked it too much. Which is weird because everyone I take to Venice loves the whole bohemian feel to it. I could tell they were not liking it! We then moved the party over to Santa Monica. We spent most of the time at the 3rd Street Promenade. They loved that! Norman really liked the area. The weather was nice and cool too. We didn’t spend too much time in Santa Monica because we were going to Hamburger Mary’s for Legendary Bingo. Bingo was so much fun! The special celebrity guests were Calpernia from Logo’s Transamerica Love Story Reality show, and Ross the Intern from the Tonight Show. We got drunk again!

After the show I was going to show them Porn Industry night @ FuBar with Chi Chi LaRue. But somehow that’s over. We noticed that it was a bit weird because they had tables out. We had a couple of drinks and were about to leave when Candis Cayne, told us if we leave now we’ll miss the show. We didn’t know who she was! So we said, “What show?” And she said, “My Show!”. So we decided to stay. We were so glad that we did!!! It was an amazing drag show. Candis was beautiful. Her routines were great! We all had an amazing time. After the show we headed back home exhausted and drunk.

Thursday we were supposed to go to the Hollywood Sign and eat at the Farmer’s Market. But they had a flight to catch at LAX at 2:00PM. So we woke up just in time to go to the Coffee Bean and then off to the airport. We said our goodbyes and they want me to come visit them in Berlin! We settled that I would visit them next summer during Berlin Pride!! FUN FUN FUN!! When I got home I cleaned up the place a bit and started packing for Vegas….

Here's Jackie

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