Joan Rivers: A Work in Progress

Joan Rivers Work in ProgressI was very excited to see Joan Rivers. I had heard tons of rave reviews. Thursday night Rafael, Mariano, and I met at my house. We all jumped into my car and went to the show. We had never been to the Geffen PlayHouse, so it took us a while to find it :) The ride there was fun because it was a primer for our trip to Vegas!

The playhouse was so cute! It’s very intimate and it has a great little patio where we had some drinks before the show. The crowd was mostly elderly, but as the show was about to start it started to fill up with the gays. They had this cute little pre-show right before you went to the seating area. They had a red carpet set up and two mock-hosts on a television show asking people what they were wearing. Once you got to your seat you realized that it was being filmed and shown on the big screen in the theatre.

The show was great. It was a play and not a comedy routine like she usually does at nightclubs. I think that is what Mariano was expecting. He didn’t like it so much. The sound was a little low so we had trouble hearing some parts of the show. I can’t complain though because we got half-off tickets through GoldStar Events. The show had some very funny parts, and some very sad parts. While I did think the show I can see why Mariano didn’t like it. Her comedy routine would have been a lot more funny :)

After the show we decided to go back to West Hollywood and grab some drinks before the night was over. We went to Motherlode where I drank a little too much! Mariano kept buying me sour apple martini’s. The Motherlode is known for their cheap and strong drinks! It was also kareoke night, so Rafael was having fun. He never goes up and sings though!

We ended the night on a great note. And it definately pumped us up for the Vegas trip to come!

It’s funny because I had purchased the tickets for Joan Rivers and then I got an email from Frontiers Magazine stating that all newsletter subscribers had free tickets to the show for Friday! They even had a post-party afterwards. I didn’t get to go though because I had a friend and he bailed out at the last minute. I didn’t want to go alone!


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