Margaret Cho in Vegas and Sirius Subscription

SiriusSo I got this itch to listen to gay radio lately. I couldn’t find anything free online so I turned to Sirius. I knew Sirius had a dedicated gay channel, OutQ, but it’s not free! They offer an internet streaming option and better yet they offer a three day trial offer. So of course I got the free-trial and the rest is history! I’m totally hooked. So much so that I got a subscription for myself! I can’t believe it. It really is entertaining and it makes the work day just fly by!

Margaret ChoMy favorite shows have to be: the Frank DeCaro Show which is hilarious, the Michelangelo Signorile Show which is serious and political, and finally the Derek & Romaine Show which is scandalous! I love the channel so much I’m even thinking about getting a radio transceiver for my car! And I have an iPod integrated solution for my car, so I must really like this stuff!

The other big news this month is that I’m heading over to Vegas at the end of the month to check out the new Margaret Cho show: Beautiful. Mariano, Franklin, and I are going to check out the show. Franklin works in Vegas and we’re all crashing at his place for the weekend. I’ll be sure to bring my camera because it’s going to be a crazy, crazy weekend. I can feel it! There will definately be a lot of laughing, a lot of drinking, and possibly a lot of hooking up.

If I’m not completly broke by the end of the trip I’m thinking of joining Franklin in Palm Springs the next weekend after Margaret Cho in Vegas! Only time and funds will tell if that happens! I really do love Palm Springs. It’s like my local Key West. Speaking of which, I really wanted to do Key West for my birthday, which is coming up bitches MAY 14th, but I don’t think I can take that much time off! So I might just spend a long weekend in Palm Springs. If all the stars align and we can get a room at the Desert Paradise. It’s the hotel that is owned by Dale who is Heidi’s friend.

We’ll see what happens!!! At least the sun is out, everything is warm and LA, and summer is on it’s way!


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