The Color Purple @ the Ahmanson Theatre

The Color Purple Heidi and I went to see the Color Purple at the Ahmanson Theatre in downtown LA tonight. The Ahmanson is one of my favorite theatres in Los Angeles, and unlike the Pantages, it actually has a whole season. I think the Pantages has been showing Wicked for the last three years or so! Heidi is my new theatre buddy. We always get our tickets through GoldStar Events. They always have tickets to shows for usually half of what you would pay going through ticketmaster. They sometimes have free events too! It’s great! We already purchased our Sweeny Todd tickets through them!

Our adventure started after work. It was freezing and rainy in Los Angeles. I had the bright idea of taking the metro from my work to downtown. We running kind of late. We reached the Metro stop in North Hollywood and were sitting in our seats when some crazy lady was crying non-stop and acting like a hot mess. Heidi wanted to move to the next car so we did. There was a group of three people who were laughing at us because they had the same idea before we did! I knew which stop to get off at for the Ahmanson, but I didn’t know where to go from there!

We landed in downtown and made a mad dash for the Music Center. Did I mention it was cold? And raining? We got there in the nick of time. Curtain call was in five minutes and we were in the will call line! I was sweating from running uphill, freezing from the weather, and wet from sweat and rain! We took our seats to enjoy the show….oh yeah since we were running late we didn’t have time for dinner…so we were both starving!

I didn’t know how they were going to make the Color Purple a musical. At first I was skeptical but it works. They took lots of creatve license from the movie and book, but it was very enjoyable. At first I didn’t think I was going to like it but it definately has some great scenes! I have a feeling I’ll like Sweeny Todd better, simply because of the subject matter, but this was way better than….CATS! I hate CATS! Never go see it. Trust me on this one!!


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