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Rafael and I went to go see Volver today by Pedro Almodovar. I think I’m slowly turning him into a fan of his work. The movie was no All About My Mother, but it was good! There are no drag queens with crack problems in this one. The movie starts a little slow but it definately picks up with some nice twists and turns. Penelope Cruz does a really good job on this one. It’s been a couple of weeks since I go to the Arclight in Hollywood. I love that theater. Sure it’s the most expensive one around but it’s nice and pretty! It has a restaurant inside and a gift shop. It’s my favorite theater followed by the Chinese Theatre followed by The Grove Pacific Cinemas.

Watching the movie was a nice distration. I have been staying at home way too much lately. I think this is why I’m getting that depression and cloudy outlook. That and the days are so short now. It’s horrible! It’s dark by 5:00PM. That always gets me depressed. It feels like I didn’t do anything with my day. So coupling the time change with the mood that I’ve been in lately isn’t a pretty thing.

To add insult to injury, I was watching TV the other day while eating lunch and one of my favorite gay movies came on, All Over The Guy with Richard Ruccolo. That man is so fucking hot. Anyways I digress. The movie, while very good, made me into an emotional wreck. It’s funny because it’s those types of movies that always keep me single waiting for the perfect guy. Cheesy as it is, I love that fucking movie. I relate so much to the other guy, he’s nerdy, awkward, and down to earth. And of course he lands the hottie with emotional problems. Story of my fucking like!

I’ve been really lonely lately. Which is rare because usually I’m ok with being single. It might be the winter season approaching and my instinct to nest. It’s like I have two personalities. My reptilian brain wants to be coupled already, but my rational brain says relax and take it easy. We’ll see where it goes!

Luckily I went to the gym right after and my mood was at a better place. I’ve been going regularly and on the days that I don’t go to the gym I take Lola for a hike. My goal is to loose a pant size or two by the time I go visit the folks in December. My ultimate goal is to be at my normal waist size of 33-34 by my birthday in May! I think I can do it. All I have to do now is regulate the eating and the food choices. We’ve been having a Chimichunga party here. Luis, Rafael, and I go through about three bags of that stuff a week.

We had a great time at the Halloween Festival in West Hollywood. My next entry will be all about that! I have some pictures of the Drag Races and Jim should be sending me pictures of the costumes!

All Over the Guy

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