QuinceaƱera and other Great Movies

Luis and I went to go see QuinceaƱera Saturday night. It was awesome. I definately recommend it. The movie was so original and heart-warming that it made my cry. I usually don’t do that! So many emotions were running through my head when I saw this movie. I was appreciating Los Angeles, because the movie takes place there. I was missing my parents because of the latino family aspect. Lastly I want to have my own home to entertain friends. I have included a youTube embedded video file of some movies that you should definately check out!

Speaking of owning my own house, Luis and I want to start flipping houses for a profit. I am utilizing this time in between jobs to get my realtor’s license. I don’t know if I want to do it full-time, but I’d definately like to use the license when we buy homes to flip. Since we have no experience whatsoever in flipping houses, other than watching HGTV shows, we decided to purchase a home and improve it to flip it in a couple of years. It’s a very exciting prospect but since I don’t want to pay much more than I am for rent, we definately won’t be in WeHo! It’s a sacrifice but at least we’ll have our own home. We’ll have a yard for Lola, and we’ll also get tons of experience in home improvements!

I think one of the first few things that I want to do is put in a jacuzzi tub in my room :) I’ve always wanted that since the days in Ft. Lauderdale when I had a tub. it was amazing. Today Luis and I looked at a couple of properties in North Hollywood. The houses were huge, but the neighborhood was less than ideal. It was very latino suburban. It reminded me a lot of Hialeah. Of course it might look a lot better during the day. We’ll see tomorrow :)

We did see one house in Silverlake. It was so exciting because it was right in the gay area. However it was the scariest looking house in all the block. Such a shame too because it was walking distance to most of the gay establishments in Silverlake! Oh well, we’ll keep looking! After looking at the houses we went to the ArcLight to check out Little Miss Sunshine. It was such an adorable movie. It was about a family going to Los Angeles to compete in a beauty pageant for the little girl in the family. It was a nice comedy with a really good message. I’m so glad that I went to go see it! It’s amazing that we saw two good movies back-to-back. Sometime this week I should check out the ShadowBoxer. That’s the last of the independant movies that I want to check out this week. Hopefully it will be good!!

We’re off to Universal Studios again tomorrrow! More rides! Hopefully this time I won’t loose my wallet.

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