Universal Studios (Where Wallets are lost…and found)

Hulk @ UniversalWell Luis and I officially did our first visit to Universal Studios Hollywood. It is literally about 9.5 miles away from my house! We purchased annual passes at Costco which were an amazing bargain. For the price of one regular annual pass, we received two! We decided to go on a Monday since we figured it would be less full. I had thought the kids would be back at school already but I guess they don’t go back until late August. So it was a bit full but the wait times were not that bad.

We rode Terminator 2 and the Studio Tour. It’s neat because the Studio Tour combines the back lot tour (including Wysteria Lane!), Jaws, Earthquake, and King Kong! It also had a special effects show of Tokyo Drift and a mexican village that floods. While the ride was fun this is where I lost my wallet. Right before I realized I lost my wallet, we rode Van Helsing’s ride. It was a walk-though haunted house. It was scary as shit because they had live actors. I was scared shitless but I was also laughing my ass off because Luis was scared shitless. He almost ran over the asian family in front of us trying to leave. An actor came behind him and whispered in his ear. It was hilarious, but don’t be fooled. I was scared shitless.

Kelvis w/ HulkOf course I didn’t know it yet. We decided to leave the park and go to CityWalk to eat lunch and watch a movie. When I went to pay, I panicked. My wallet was missing. It’s the worst feeling in the world. After I calmed down some and Luis helped me call the bank and my major credit card, I felt a little better. I filled out a lost report with Universal and we ate lunch and saw the movie, Zoom. The movie sucked by the way! I didn’t think it was going to be a kids movie. Luis was cracking up because he knew it was a kids movie.

We went home shortly after that and I didn’t think they would find my wallet. That night they called but I missed their call. The next day I go over and they had found my wallet at the Studio Tour! It even had all my cash in it! Universal Rocks! While we didn’t get to ride everything, we are definately going back next week. In the meantime enjoy the pictures that Luis and I took in the Universal Studios Hollywood 2006 gallery.

I’m all over YouTube now. It’s a great way to share videos with friends and it lets you upload short videos and post them on your blog without taking up space on your server! It rocks. Look for more videos coming soon to the blog. Right now you can see the Jaws video where I Scream like a girly-girl and the San Francisco Pride video of the Radical Faeries tent. More to come!

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