OutFest 2006 Highlights

20 CentimetersI just attended my first OutFest Film Festival. OutFest is Los Angeles’s Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. This year it took place July 6th through the 17th. I made a donation to OutFest so they gave me two OutPasses to check out all the movies. I was a little too ambitious in trying to see every movie. I think Luis was over it after his six movie! There were some amazing movies that I’ve highlighted here. I can’t wait for next year! While all the movies that I saw were good, the following are my four favorites.

20 Centimeters was the closing movie of the festival. It was an incredible movie from Spain. I have to say that all the foreign movies that I have seen lately from Spain have been awesome. This one was about a narcoleptic trannie. Whenever she fell into one of her sleep spells a musical number was performed. My favorite number was the one performed to Madonna’s True Blue. The boyfriend in the movie is very hot. Very hot! And you get to see full frontal too!

Reinas Reinas was from Spain too. It reminded me a lot of the Almodovar movies except with no trannies or drugs. Best of all the movie is being released by Warner Brothers! This movie was hilarious and watching it at the Ford Amphitheatre was great. It was the second movie that I saw there. The first was the sing-a-long which was West Side Story. I had never seen it before and I probably would never have seen it if it wasn’t for it showing as the sing-a-long and that it was free! The most frustrating about these movies is that I want to buy them instantly. And most of them haven’t even come out to the theatre yet!

OdeteOdete (The Two Drifters) was one of the first movies that I saw. I was already a big fan of the directory because he made O Fantasma. I have to say as highly sexually charged as O Fantasma was, Odete was way better. The story made more sense and it was great! The guy was super hot and the story was bizzare. It’s everything you expect from the director, João Pedro Rodrigues! Definately check it out if it is playing in your theatre.

Another Gay MovieEveryone was anticipating Another Gay Movie! It was definately great. It was so funny to see a parody on American Pie that was all gay! The actors were great and some of them were very, very hot! The film had so many cameos from gay stars. It was incredible. The movie also had me laughing for hours afterwards. Luis and I really liked this one. The highlight was that the cast was there for a Q&A session. The director, Todd Stephens, was the same guy who did Edge of Seventeen. I recently rented Gypsy 83 from NetFlix, which was the movie he made between these two movies, but it sucked! Real bad. I gave it one star because you can never give a gay movie zero stars. It’s wrong!

That’s it for now! I really like this getting back to my blog thing. It’s great. I’m definately going to try to write an entry every day. Especially now that I am unemployed!

P.S. I hope I win the lottery so I can do this for a living.

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