Summer Heat Wave (Too Hot to Work)

Paris Las VegasThis has definately been an interesting summer. After the Home Inspection i rememberd that I always wanted to take the summer off and explore Los Angeles. I got my wish, I guess. About three weeks ago 411web laid me off! This is my second job to lay me off! I think I’m starting to see a trend here. I have to admit that I didn’t freak out like I did when I first lost my job in South Beach. This time around I actually had some money saved up, and 411web was nice enough to give me some severence.

Instead of looking for work right away I decided to enjoy the rest of summer and begin looking for work during September. It’s always nerve-racking to change jobs. I was so used to the ebb and flow of 411web. It’s hard to let go of that and start over. I hate interviewing. Tech interviews are the worst. They grill you big time! I’m going to have to read my Perl textbooks to brush up on my skills before I go for some jobs that I like.

Don’t feel too bad for me though. I’ve been having way too much fun this summer. Luis was here for the summer only. He was going to return to Miami after August. He fell in love with Los Angeles and now he’s staying for good!! About a week before I lost my job, he lost his job too! We are definately living the Los Angeles dream! Nobody works here, and we are proof! In subsequent entries I’ll talk about all our adventures: we’ve gone to Long Beach Pride, San Francisco Pride, West Hollywood Pride, and most recently we went to Las Vegas.

It was hot as hell in Los Angeles so what better place to go than Las Vegas where it’s even hotter! It was about 115 degrees! But it’s a dry heat! We stayed at the Monte Carlo. It was right on the strip and since we didn’t have to work we went Tuesday through Friday. The rate was awesome! The room was really nice too. We spent a whole day at two of the four pools that they have. After browsing on sites like sbobetinfo.com we spent the rest of the time we spent gambling, eating, and gambling. We did go to a movie: My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It sucked. I don’t even want to waste time talking about it.

But what was hilarious was that Luis’s shorts ripped at the theater. I could not stop laughing. He had this crazy look on his face when he realized he had to walk across six lanes of traffic to get back to our hotel room. I almost busted my gut! It was too good. I had dreams of winning big, but alas Vegas doesn’t let you leave with too much money. We did have a great time though. I can’t wait to go back!!

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