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Quick note to let you guys know that now there is an easy way to get directly to my blogs. If going to my website then clicking on the blog is too much for you, then this post is for you!!

You can now go to the following links to access my blog directly:


I am finally complete in updating the website to the new look. Every single page has the new look. Now I begin the fun task of updating all the information and making sure that everything looks good. I updated the resume page today because it’s been like 4 years since I update my resume. It’s always good to have an updated resume!

This is a quick post because Rome is on and it’s my current obssession. It seems that these days the only shows that I watch are on HBO or Showtime. The Comeback was hilarious! I can’t wait for season 2! Rome is very exciting and I love to watch all the debauchery go down! Plus there is always man on man sex here and there and lots of nude scenes! Who can beat that!!

Extras on HBO is another hilarious show by the maker of The Office from Britain (not the American one). It is soo funny for words. Ricky Gervais is a genious. Another favorite show is Weeds on Showtime. I love Mary Louise Parker and seeing her dealing pot in the Los Angeles suburbs is too funny. The show is very good! And of course Curb Your Enthusiasm continues to be hilarious as ever! I like it much better than Senifeld, and that’s a bold statement! Fat Actress on Showtime was amazing before they canceled it! Luckily they released it on DVD. If you never got a chance to see it you must rent it off NetFlix or buy it. It’s a do not miss!!!! Funniest shit ever.

Ok Rome is starting, gotta go!

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