First Hollywood Set

Dirty AgentWell Friday night I was hanging out with Jill and Nicola. It was really cool hanging out with Jill at my place since she left 411web. It had only been a couple of days since she resigned but I had missed our daily conversations at work! We were watching Drop Dead Gorgeous, which Jill had never seen, and we ordered some Thai food from my favorite thai place, Cafe Talesi.

After dinner we were going to get some drinks but Jill’s husband is a producer and he was wrapping up filming a movie in Studio City. Studio City is on the other side of the hill from me so we decided to check it out. It was exciting because I had read the script a while back. The movie is called The Latter Effect and it’s an 80’s flashback type of movie with mid-thirtysomething main actors. It was the middle of the night when we got there but you would think it was morning with all the bright spot lights they had pointed at the house!

It was crazy to see al the personal assistants (pa) running around! Jill’s husband showed us some of the daily’s that they had taken and I started to recognize some of the actors. I couldn’t believe that one of the main actors was Sarah Clarke. She was Nina, the dirty agent from 24: Series 1. The movie also had Tom Cruise’s cousin although I didn’t see him. Another actor I recognized was Eric Stoltz. He looked very old, but I think that’s the type of leathery character he plays in the movie. The whole time I was in the set I thought how cool it was to be living in Los Angeles. It’s almost been a year now since I have been living here and I have not lost that sparkle that LA had when I first moved here. It’s so cool.

I was having dinner last weekend with my friend Nicola at another favorite restaurant in West Hollywood called Merix. It’s a popular hang out for good mexican food and you occassionally run into gay celebrities. When we were there we sat next to this guy who looked so familiar to me. As always I always forget actors and their names so I’m the worst Hollywood type. I didn’t know if I had recognized the guy from somewhere (maybe the sex clubs) or if he was an actor! Two days later it hit me, he was famous. He is one of the actors on Mad TV: Michael McDonald. I kinda new he was gay from watching him on the show, but it definately cemented the idea when I saw him because he looked like he was on a date with a guy. If you ever want to see Wilson Cruz then head on over to Merix because every weekend that I go he is there! It’s like clockwork!

Ok enough with the star fucking now! I just have to say I really enjoy seeing them out and about. It doesn’t get old. I need to work on my site! Visit the boards because we are starting to pick them up again!

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