Six Flags: Magic Mountain

Six Flags

This saturday we had a fun committee event at work in Six Flags: Magic Mountain. It was a little far from my house but we had soo much fun! It was amazing. The day started at 9:30am and I ended up leaving at like 6:30pm. By the time I got there it was 10:30am. A small group of people were already there. As usual not even half of the people who said they were going to show up showed. The company paid for the ticket for the employee and a guest and they paid for food vouchers for everyone. With all that people still didn’t want to come! Crazy I know.

It was great for us because the people that didn’t show up meant that I got free tix to use for the rest of the year. So now I have five tickets to use until the end of the year. I was a little scared at first because it had been a while since I had been on a rollercoaster. The last time actually was when I went with Luis to Bush Gardens. And we were still in College!!

The first rollercoaster was a little scary but then I got over it. It was the tamest one that I rode and it was called the Viper. The loops don’t bother me. The scariest part for me is the first drop. It’s usually the highest one and I always get this feeling of helplessness when I’m right about to go down it. I did get over it though and had a blast.

The second rollercoaster we went on was the Goliath. This one, as the name implies, was gigantic! The drop was like twice as big as any rollercoaster I’ve been on. As soon as you drop you go back up and drop again. This one rocked!!
Six Flags:ViperThe last rollercoaster that I went on was the Scream. this one had our feet dangling and was the best one. It had so many twists and turns. Unfortunately with the waiting in line, break for two lunches, and waiting for the group to get there in the morning, we were only able to ride three coasters!!!

Not to worry though because I have those free passes and I’ll have to use them again real soon!

I knew I would like the park when I first got there. The park is a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. It was a shame that not that many people from work showed up. We have 30 something employees and only about 7 showed up with a guest. Ricardo and I spent most of the morning waiting for people to let them in through to the park. We should have organized it a little better, but oh well! My favorite rollercoaster was a tie between the Goliath and Scream. Goliath was crazy because it had such a big drop. The scream was cool because it had your feet hanging and it was a very smooth ride!

Six Flags:GoliaithIt’s crazy to me how close the park is to LA. It’s about 45-55 minutes from my house. it feels like I’m living in a combination of Miami and Orlando. They have so many theme parks here and I plan to visit them all :) My next theme park is going to be Knott’s Berry Farms. I also want to check out Disneyland, even though they tell me that Disney World in Orlando is a lot better. it will be cool to check it out and compare both. I also want to check out California Adventure and see what that’s about. During the summer California residents have a day-hopper pass where you can go to Disney and California Adventure with the same ticket. I think that’s the route I’ll take :)

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