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Cher @ Hollywood Bowl

Saturday, April 30th, 2005
Cher @ Hollywood Bowl

Cher farewell tour at the Hollywood Bowl! It’s so cool!

Dodgers Game

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
Dodgers Game

My first dodgers game!

Margaret Cho and Birthday Plans

Saturday, April 16th, 2005

Margaret ChoI swore I was going to be writing more often and of course I’ve been slacking! Lots of interesting things have been happening. Finally I’m back on the school track. I’ve been doing very good this semester with my two classes. It’s keeping me very busy but I’m close to finishing. I think I have less than a year left if I really apply myself! So we’ll see how that goes.

Work was tragic at first but it definately got better. I was managing the technology department since February and I never saw a raise or title change. I was promised that in April I would definately be happy. Well April 1st came and went and nada. I finally had to make a big stink about it to HR and then everything fell into place. The offer that was offered was very, very low. I honestly thought I was going to get a lot more. I was given that impression. Especially since I am going to be managing about seven people!

They told me that I didn’t have enough experience blah blah blah… Of course I didn’t have enough experience yet they were giving me the whole department to manage. How does that “measure up”? I finally told them that I would just continue to be a regular programmer and would not like the extra managerial responsibility. They were actually shocked. They thought I was going to jump at the chance. Honestly I could have gotten another programming position for what they were offering.

The next day I spoke to HR and we had the same talk. It actually ended by me telling HR what I should do to be a regular programmer. I didn’t want the extra responsibility and I wanted to return to being an hourly employee. I knew this was lots of work for HR, so the HR director told me to hang tight for a bit while he talked to the CEO!!

The CEO called me in with HR and tried to guilt me into taking the position. I told him again and again that I wasn’t going to do it unless it was for the money that I wanted. At the end of the meeting he finally agreed. I was pleasantly surprised. I know I could be making a lot more but I actually like my company. I get along great with everyone and it feels like an extended family instead of an office. It would have sucked big time to have to find another job. I’m really glad that everything worked out. I’ve been trying my best to kick but for the next evaluation in 90 days, which could or could not be associated with a raise. I’m hoping it does, because I want to accomplish all the tasks that the CEO set out for me. Wish me luck :)

I’ve been going to the gym with Mariano. I’m so glad that I have a gym partner. We go every night together after he gets done with his weight trainer. Our gym is so much fun. I’m not sure which one is the better workout, the actual cardio, or watching all the hot guys in the locker room. It’s so cruisy it doesn’t seem real! Everyone walks around naked and I’m sure the jacuzzi and steam room get tons of action!

Runyon CanyonLast weekend I went to go see Margaret Cho at the Wiltern. I was originally going to take RealtorBoy. But we aren’t speaking any more. That’s a whole different blog entry :) I was going to take Mariano but he was in NYC. So I took my coworker Michael. He really wanted to go and was excited at the chance. We had a great time! The venue was amazing. Lots of cute boys everywhere and our seats were amazing. Ms. Cho, as always, was awesome! This is the third time that I see her live and I will keep coming back. It definately kicked off my events fever at Los Angeles. I really loved it when I would go with Luis to all the plays and events in Miami!

I already have tickets to Wicked which is coming in June. It’s a play about the witches of the Wizard of Oz before Dorothy came! It’s supposed to be amazing!

Last weekend I took the doggies for a hike to Runyon Canyon. It was amazing! The weather was nice and hot but there was a cool breeze. I went with Jim and Joe. I got a huge sun burn later. I didn’t realize how strong the California sun was. Just because I wasn’t sweating doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t burning!! I’ve learned my lesson. There are always so many hot men in Runyon Canyon! They all have dogs and I heard it’s a nice way of making new “friends”!

It’s funny that I saw Andy Dick. After watching his show the Assistant, I really thought he was an ass! He is so fucking crazy. But then I heard the whole show was one big act so maybe he is normal….or maybe not. He was with a group of people just hiking along with their daypacks for hiking. So many people show up on the Canyon. Everyone loves the outdoors here! I hope I finish all my homework tomorrow early so I can go hiking!

San FranciscoI finally made reservations for my birthday. Luis, Rafael, and I are going to San Fran for the weekend. They get here Thursday of my birthday weekend and they leave the next Monday. They are flying into LA and we are driving over there! It’s going to be so much fun! Neither of them have ever been to San Fran! I haven’t been since I moved here to LA so it will be a real nice treat for me as well!!! We are staying at the Parker Guest House. It looks like an amazing gay guesthouse! It looks classy but you know how those steam rooms can get! After San Fran I really want to visit Palm Springs and San Diego. Arlet is coming to San Diego during Memorial Weekend so I’m definately going down there when she is down there!

I’ll be taking lots of pics so be on the lookout for those :)

DVD Furniture and Arlet

Saturday, April 16th, 2005
DVD Furniture and Arlet

This is my new dvd furniture. I put my dragon and a picture of Arlet and I on top of it. Arlet can’t say I’m not thinking of her!

Apple Addicted

Friday, April 1st, 2005

AppleWell I finally got my Mini Mac and I have to say, I am a convert. The operating system is so beautiful and fast! I am so amazed by it. It’s a little frustrating because I don’t know the operating system as well as Windows. Within a couple of months I should be well versed in OS X. The graphics on this machine are incredible! I’ll be spending another weekend at home playing with my new toy! I also need to get out and enjoy LA.

My new school semester started and I have to start kicking ass. I dropped the ball last semester but I have to graduate soon, because I wanna have more free time :) I was supposed to start the gym insanity this week, but since I’ve been feeling gross with my cold I’ll be starting this weekend! As soon as I buy my new iShuffle I’ll be hitting that gym like crazy. I swear how many gadgets do I need to get before I go crazy. This year alone I’ve bought my Itunes Speakers, iShuffle, mini Mac, my new cell phone, cell phone accessories, and personalized plates! I haven’t gotten them yet but they are going to read: KELVO. Someone took KELVIS already. Can you believe that?

It sucks. April and May are going to be fun because Albert and Luis are coming to visit. I’m sure Rafael will find a way to come and visit for my birthday. Albert and his boyfriend will be visiting LA for the first time for a couple of days so that will be fun. Luis is definately coming for my birthday weekend and Rafael might come. I was thinking instead of staying in LA that we might detour into San Francisco.

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