Ciao, Miami

Here I am sitting at the airport. My flight is delayed because the flight is grounded in Boston because of a mechanical failure. That sounds very scary, but I’m still optimistic about going back home! It was great seeing everyone in Miami but I’m ready to go back to my new home Los Angeles! It was so freaking hot and humid here.

I spent most of the week at my parents house working and watching movies. I watched a ton of movies. I went to the Casino with my parents twice, once when I got here and the last time right before hitting the airport. I spent a night with Luis driving around Broward. He is looking to buy a place and wanted to take a look at the building.

I definately think next time that I come I will come for a little bit longer time and I will try to book a room either in South Beach or Key West. It was weird to me when I drove around South Beach that I didn’t feel the list bit nostalgic. I didn’t miss it. I thought I would but nothing came. It looked dirty and small. It was overcroweded with Junior and Senior High kids on their Spring Break, so that could have added to the ghetto feel that I experienced!

There was still lots of hot boys though! Miami never dissapoints there! I also ate like a pig while I was here. Like everyone I know I will be starting a diet and exercise program. It’s been a couple of months now since I go to any gym. I got my gym membership in LA before leaving for Miami and now I intend on using it. Starting Monday I’m waking up at 6:00AM and hitting the gym before work. It’s rough but it’s more realistic than me going to the gym after work. That rarely if ever will happen!

I think by August I’ll loose a couple of inches off my waist and will feel good to show up at my high school reunion. I wonder how many of my classmates will go? I know Arlet, Susie, and Luis are going, even if they say they aren’t.

While I was here I also hooked up my dad with his own phone blog. I think I mentioned it already but it deserves mention. The link is www.renedelrio.com. He’s actually taking pictures and editing his own blog entries! He’s learning a ton!

I have so many packages to expect when I get back to Los Angeles. My new Mini Mac should be there already! I also ordered a couple of accessories for my cell phone and some furniture from Target! My roommate also got some slip covers so I’ll be busy tonight and Sunday getting those assembled!

My plane has not left yet from Boston. It’s going to be a very long night here!

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