Visiting Miami

Parents and me at Hoover Dam

I’m visiting Miami this week. I came into town Saturday morning. I left Los Angeles Friday night at 10:30pm. I can’t complain because I had a really hot french guy sitting next to me the whole time. The only thing I will complain about is how small the seats are on Song. Sure the seats are leather, and sure you get Satellite Television, but the seats are cramped as shit! I couldn’t get any sleep. It was very frustrating. But at least I got to watch Lemony Snicket’s A Series Unfortunate Events. The movie was cute and I’m sure I would have liked it more if I hadn’t been incredibly tired and cranky. It was a little slow for someone who had had no sleep and was in a very tight airplane. Did I mention the plane was tight? Did I mention it was Spring Break and the plane was booked? Did I mention the hot french guy next to me? Ok let’s move on now.

As soon as I got to Miami I took a very long nap. I woke up at like 5:00pm and I was still dazed and confused. We all decided to hit the Hard Rock Casino. It was alright but since no one was winning anything, everyone was so over it. Everyone except my mom that is. She’s hooked on gambling more than she’s hooked in cigarettes. And that is very very hooked, in case you were wondering. I managed to pull them away long enough to have lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. They liked it but my father swears that Friday’s food is way better. It doesn’t matter what restaurant I take them to, with the exception of Nexxxt Cafe in South Beach. They love, love that place!

Sunday I spent all indoors. I should have gone out but I was feeling very lazy and still jet lagged (I know it’s only like 3 hours of difference, but it meant a lot to me). I spent the day fixing up my dad’s website. Instead of his old website I hooked him up with a blog at blogger.com of course. Since I know he’ll never write in it, I hooked it up with flickr.com. Flickr allows you to send pictures form your camera phone (or email) to a certain email address. That email address is routed to Flickr where it is then posted to your blog. This is called a moblog for mobile blog. He loved the idea and now his site is a blog! Check it out at www.renedelrio.com. Let’s see what kind of pics he comes up with!

Since I’ll be at home this week I’ll start writing all those journal entries that I missed since I’ve moved to LA. I’ve written all the major points down in my Treo 650 so I’ll be sure to mention them all here!

I’ve also finally posted the pictures from my Cross Country trip! There are two galleries and you can see them by clicking on them below:

  1. Cross Country Gallery I
  2. Cross Country Gallery II

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