Mac Attack and High School Reunion

Mini MacI never thought this would happen but I am slowly becoming an Apple addict. It started first with the iPod and now it’s blossoming with the Mini Mac. The circle will complete itself when I buy a PowerBook Laptop. Then there will be no going back! Ever!

So it started harmless enough with the iPod. I thought it was great when I bought it a year ago and I think it’s still amazing today. I was very impressed with the product that Apple made. I also love iTunes. I love it so much that I buy more music than I download, and that was rare for me before!

Mini MacWhen I heard that the Mini Mac was coming out I was very interested. What drew me most was OS X. It’s so sleek and powerful. The best part is that it’s built on Linux which is what I use mostly at work. Having a powerful operating system based on Linux that looked that good was too hard to pass.

The price and the size of the mini really sold it for me. When I get it, if I fall in love like I plan too, then it will be no time before I get the Powerbook laptop. The laptop looks very stunning and it has some great features. The keyboard lights up in the dark, and it’s super thin. Also the wireless and bluetooth are already integrated. So it’s a matter of time really that I say goodbye to PC’s and say hello to Mac’s:)

This is completly unrelated but it’s good. I finally found a good site like netflix.com but for adult gay DVD’s. I tried a similar service before but it was really bad and they had some really old movies. This new site has a lot of new movies. The site is called Deliver Male. I also got a really good DVD burning program so I’m making copies for myself of all the movies :) It’s working out quite good!

Mini MacLastly my 10 year High School Reunion is coming up. I can’t freaking believe that it’s been 10 years! I know everyone says that! Everyone is all nervous about it and is making a mad dash for the diet line. I guess I have to join the band wagon. When I think about how much weight I gained since I was in South Beach its very discouraging. But if I did it once I can definately do it again!!! I just have to be very strict with myself! It just so happens that I want to start these crazy diets while I’m on vacation. Is that wrong or what!

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