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California Moving

Monday, December 20th, 2004
WeHo Apartment

Overall my trip to Los Angeles was a success! I met Jim and Joe at their party, I got a really nice apartment off of Sunset Boulevard, and I hung out with my coworkers for a day :) I thought the trip was going to be more stressful then it turned out to be. Granted there was some major drama with Rafael and Tommy but that’s another story. One that I’ll go into detail in a bit.

I got there on a friday. My rental car had one of those talking navigation systems, it was the bomb! I never got lost once! I need to buy one of those thingies when I go to Los Angeles. Otherwise I may be lost forever. Friday was the only day that I spent alone and all I did was eat and get everything ready for the rest of the trip.

The first group of people to arrive was Rafael and Tommy. I was excited to have them come because I wanted to really show them Los Angeles. I picked them up in the morning and we started the tour! We did Mullholland Drive and the Hollywood Hills. It was such a breathtaking view! They loved it. They were a little scared and I was a little tired but they loved it. I’m not even sure we saw apartments that day.

I did see about 5-6 apartments before I decided on the one that I chose. There were some cheaper apartments but the outside of the building looked old. Another one was huge but it had tacky 70’s style. I settled on the one on Horn avenue because it was large, in a nice area, and it allowed pets. I also got a good vibe from the owner of the building. They gave me the keys even though technically the apartment wasn’t mine until the 15th of December.

Hollywood Sign

I definately did more sightseeing this time around then when I was with Luis. Of course during that trip I had to work a lot. We checked out the Hollywood sign, can’t get over it. We went to Mullholand Drive, we checked out Silverlake and their massively steep hills. We did Mann’s Chines Theatre a couple of times. We also went to the Farmer’s Market which is really cool. We met Jim and Joe there for some lunch before going to Flaunt Live. There was Venice beach and Topanga Canyon. That was a nice treat. We actually got lost trying to go to Malibu and ended up at the top of the Topanga Mountain. It was beautiful and they have the coolest little art colony up there with some cool stores! Check it out if you ever go visit.

We also checked out Long Beach because that is where Heidee lives. I’m so glad that we connected with her because she’s going to be a great friend to have when I am in Los Angeles. With Heidee, Brandi, Rafael, and Tommy we checked out Jimmy Kimmel Live. It was so neat! We saw Michael Moore because he was a guest and Larry the Cable Guy from Blue Collar TV. Then they moved us over to the performance stage where we saw CrossFade Perform some of their songs. I didn’t know who they were but they sounded real good.

Jim and Joe also got us tickets to Flaunt Live. It was American Idol meets gay culture. It was great. There were some really fun performances and it took place in the Henry Fonda Theatre which was a little run down but it had loads of charm! The whole time during the trip I was so excited that I was moving to this area of the country. There is so much to do and the people are so warm and friendly. Nothing like the people in Miami unfortunately for Miami.

More Hollywood

Jim and Joe’s party was lots of fun. It was the first time that I met them face to face. Rafael and Tommy came with me. I met all his friends and we had a great time. They were all very friendly. We would have stayed longer but we had to pickup Brandi from the airport the next day and I knew I would never wake up if I wasn’t at least 15 minutes away from the airport. So we headed back to the hotel room.

I have to thank my company because they let me pick the hotel room. I choose the Ramada West Hollywood, which is the cutest Ramada I had ever seen. It’s right in the heart of West Hollywood and it’s right on Santa Monica Boulevard. The hotel wasn’t that expensive, except for parking, and the rooms were nice. I loved staying there. Once I signed my lease for the apartment a huge burden was lifted. I would of had an amazing time during my trip but Rafael and Tommy dropped a bomb before they left. Rafael wanted to leave early and Tommy started up with some major DIVA attitude. It was geared at me and I think he wanted to direct it at Rafael. Whatever the reason it did leave a sour taste in my mouth. Then the next day before I signed my lease I got a letter from Rafael accusing me of a lot of ugly things which really brought my day down. Rob and Brandi told me not to think about it too much, but what can you do?

Luckily Rafael and I are talking again. I told him that I don’t stay long being mad with friends, but it does take me a bit to bounce back. We started talking at Arlet’s Christmas party which had really good Cocunut Shrimp and small serving plates :) That brings me to my next disaster, my first ever car accident.

Car Damage

Up until last week I had never been involved a car accident while I was driving. I was in a car accident when I was 16, which psychologically held me back from driving until I was 22. This one wasn’t as severe but a lady hit my front passenger-side door head on while she was trying to make an illegal turn against traffic from a shopping plaza. Luckily for us both she wasn’t going too fast or her SUV would have ripped my car in half.

There were no injuries to report and she was a little shaken, as was I, but she was very cool and mellow. I didn’t get mad at her because these things do happen. The policewoman was very nice too and it seemed like a regular day. I never imagined it would go down like that. The only thing that stressed me out was that my car was banged up and I was leaving to Los Angeles on a road trip in exactly a week and three days. Luckily my dad, who always saves the day, found a body shop in Hialeah who was able to fix the car up in time. It’s actually ready today to be picked up. Isn’t that amazing! They are so great. Allstate, also was very good about processing the claim and getting someone out there to give an estimate. They even hooked me up with a convertable rental car. It totally rocked. It is a Seabring and it was beautiful. In the end I didn’t have any nightmares about the accident and the detailing was all done in time. Everything worked out but for two days I was a little hectic. The movers come Friday and I need to get this place boxed up and ready to go. I spend Christmas at home in Hialeah and then it’s off on the great roadtrip!!! Wish me luck! SoCal here I come.

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