RENT and Cupids

RENTI went to see Rent the musical Friday night. I was so excited to go because I had never been before. It was very last minute that Rafael told me they were playing it in Broward. I was amazed at the seats that we got. I think someone must have cancelled at the last minute because we were in the Orchestra area.

The play itself was alright. The singing was awesome but I like plays more like Phantom of the Opera and Miss Saigon. They have special effects and are more engaging. It wasn’t that I hated the play, I just thought it was going to be so much better because of how famous it is. There were people in the audience who were singing along and applauding at certain parts. I guess they’ve seen it a couple of times. I’m definately glad I went to see it though. I really, really want to see The Producers. I hear that one is amazing!

Friday night Alina stayed with me through Saturday. We had such a fun time. We went to Cupids which is always fun. At first Alina was shy but then she warmed up to the strippers (and boy did she warm up). There were two or three strippers who had the biggest dicks we had ever seen. They were huge!!! We are definately going back. I had free passes so we didn’t have to pay cover. At about 2:00AM we decided to hit Twist. It was packed as usual and we checked out the stripper bar and then headed for the dance floor. Alina was groped everywhere and we didn’t stay too long in the dance floor. Dirty things happen in there :)

The next day we chilled and had some lunch on Lincoln and went through all the stores on Lincoln Road and Washington Avenue. Later that day Arlet and her sister came over and I helped them with the website that they want to start. We had some dinner from Friday’s and we saw Along Came Poly. It was funny and cute. I thought I was totally going to hate it. Arlet and Vivian want to go to Cupid’s so we might go in a big group next Friday. Hope it all works out! I love that place. I don’t think there is a place like that in Los Angeles! I have to enjoy the Dirty South while I can.

I also dropped one of my classes. It feels like I’ll never finish my Master’s Program. But with my work, school, and relocating all this month it’s going to be rough. I rather save myself the headache now and earn a good grade later than suffer the consequences. Plus my teacher was a complete dick. I also checked out the Haunted Mansion which was really bad, I didn’t have too many expectations, but even with that it was terrible.

I also saw Adored, Diary of a porn star. To quote rottentomatoes.com one review described the movie plot as, “Federico who moves in with Riki … only to realize that his brother’s butt has had more visitors than the Catholic Church on Easter Sunday.” They pretty much ripped on the movie but I thought it had some potential. It was at least entertaining. It was nothing like Luster which was embarassing to watch. Let me know what you guys think if you see it.

If only all my weekends were as action-packed as this one! How we miss the city that we live in when we are about to move to a different location! It’s crazy. Now we have to look for some cabins in north carolina.

AdoredHaunted MansionAlong Came Polly

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