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Until recently I never knew the name of my sister. My mother had her three years before I was born. She never made it to her first birthday because she was born late. When she was born she was almost completly black because she had been choking on fluid. They revived her a couple of times but she never saw her first birthday. It’s strange for me to picture a sister. I’ve always been an only child and I only discovered that I had had a sister when I was younger and my mom would get depressed around the same time every year. It turned out that it was her birthday. I never approached the subject again until recently, when I asked my mother what her name was.

When I wrote the name down it was so powerful for me. It’s such a beautiful name. I have to thank my mother for being creative with our names. I love the name that I was given and thank her for not giving me a common name. I feel completly special because of that. Of course I have had my share of name calling in grade school, but who hasn’t :)

I sometimes wonder how events would have unfolded had she made it through. Would I have been born? Would we have immigrated to the United States? So many questions. Even though I never knew her it felt good talking to mom about it. Her eyes still get teary eyed when she mentions her so we don’t talk on it for too long. I’m glad that I was able to get her name.

Moving on to my favorite hobbie of movie watching I saw a couple of movies recently. I saw Saw with Rafael and Tommy. Rafael was scared shitless and wanted to watch something else instead. I convinced them to see it and we all liked it. It started out like a regular horror movie and I thought I wasn’t going to like it too much. However things took a better turn and the plot twists sure made the movie interesting. There are some very gross parts but the movie wasn’t as scary as I originally thought. It was well though out though.

Alina recommened that I rent Donnie Darko. I checked it out and at first I was upset because I felt the movie didn’t make sense. Alina explained a couple of questions that I had and I have to admit the movie was very well thought out. The reason I didn’t like the movie is because it is built on the belief that all our actions are predetermined, and that just doesn’t flow with me. If it wasn’t for that small thing I would have been all over it. The acting was great, and it gave me lots to think about. Very deep movie. I have to check out the director’s cut.

I also rented Winged Migration. I wnated to see this when it was in the theatres but no one would come with me. After all who’s going to see a french documentary on migrating birds? The DVD was enjoyable in it’s shear beauty. The animals were amazing. Equally amazing was the special features part of the DVD which showed how they made the movie. They actually trained baby geese and pelicans to incorporate them as part of their flock. It was very interesting. The sights are unbelievable. And of course when I saw the desert scenes out in California and Arizona I thought of my trip!

I can’t wait. It’s getting so close. I can almost feel it. Jim and Joe are throwing a nice little/big party where I will meet lots of people. Hopefully I’ll make a lot of friends on this trip and oh yeah find a place to live! That’s always important. I put the deposit on the movers so now it’s serious :) When I come back from my trip in early December I have to start packing my stuff! I’m very excited about the road trip. I’ll be taking pictures along the whole way.

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