Message Board Up and Pigs Flying!

When Pigs FlyI went to go see a great play Saturday night with Rafael. At first I thought I was going to miss it because I completly forgot everything about it. I was at my parents house helping my dad sort out the new satelite dish and receiver he bought. I ran back home just in time to shower and head to the Broward Center for the Performing Arts to catch When Pigs Fly at the Amaturo Theatre. It was nice to see the old hood again :) I’m still glad that I moved to Miami Beach though.

At first the play started a little slow. I was wondering what mess Rafael got me into. The stage was stripped down so that the focus of the show was the actors and the costumes. The costumes were so much fun and they were so creative. The show was a gay revue of original musical numbers. It was hilarious. By the end of the show I was really glad that I went. It was definately something fun to do on a Saturday night instead of going out, since Rafael cannot go out now if Tommy is not around.

Finally instead of finishing up my projects today I cleaned up my apartment and installed message boards on my site! It replaces the guestbook and you can reach it by clicking the guestbook button on the left navigator section. You can also click here to reach it directly. Registration is free and you can make your own avatar. If you want to leave a message in the guestbook you do not have to register. It is a bit overwhelming at first but once you catch on it’s easy. Vivian and Alina have been helping me start all kinds of topics and polls on it. Give it whirl and let me know what you think! you can still reach the old message boards by going here, in case you wanted to see the old entries.

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