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I had you at dick, pussy, and asshole…

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

My AvatarVivian showed me this great site to build an avatar. I liked mine so much that I used it to have as my buddy icon. Let me know what you guys think. It shows me with a puppy and a laptop which is pretty much all I do, play with Lola and play on the computer.

I’ve been talking to the twins lots lately. Mostly bashing Roly for being such a prick. It’s been fun! I wanted to talk to my old friends that I hadn’t talk to before I left for Los Angeles. I talked to Mario and we talk online every now and then. I sent Luis an email but he never replied. Hopefully sometime in the future he will. Don’t really know much about what’s going on with him. He stopped his blog and so did Mrs. Broward so I have no info on them. Roly of course never replies to my emails, phone calls, or instant messages. I really don’t know why. Guess I’ll never know!

The road trip is set. I went online and choose hotels that were on our path that accepted dogs. So really everything is in place. The trip is going to take approximately 5 days total. Knowing us it might be a little longer. We are stopping in Mobile, Alabama, Dallas, Texas, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Las Vegas, Nevada before hitting Los Angeles. I’ve always wanted to see Santa Fe and we couldn’t go through Las Vegas without stopping for one night. My parents would go nuts :) I wanted to go through San Francisco but it would add so much time to our trip so I threw it out. I’ll have to show San Fran to my parents when they come to visit again. The trip is becoming a very real trip because I just bought my parent’s return flight back to Miami. There is no going back now :)

I’m off on a trip this week starting on Thursday and returning the Saturday before Halloween. It should be fun but it’s going to be very very cold. I’ll have pics up in the galleries hopefully! I’m also going to go camera crazy when I go on my road trip. I want to have as many pics as possible up to remember my trip. My dad wants to buy a video recorder but he’s just like me, he’ll buy it, use it once then get over it. We are so alike :)

I’ve decided to get myself off of my blood-pressure medication. I really think that my high blood pressure has to do with anxiety. So my plan is to ween myself off slowly over three weeks and then see how I do when I move to LA. If it’s still high I’ll get a doctor to check me out and recommend some medication. As it is my old doctor left a message saying that he couldn’t keep prescribing the medicine until I went in for a visit. The only thing is that he yanked my insurance so I’d rather wait to get to LA to see a doctor since I only have two months left here :) I think LA will be great for my mental state too. It just seems way more relaxed :)

Speaking of relaxed, I saw the funniest movie this past weekend. Team America: World Police. I loved every minute of it. I went with Rafael and Tommy. Rafael liked it but Tommy was bothered by all the gay jokes. As with South Park, if you aren’t prepared to be made fun of then you won’t really like that kind of comedy. They make fun of everybody. I do mean everyone! The puppet sex acts and the soundtracks were hilarious. The philosophy about the three kinds of people: dicks, pussys, and assholes inspired the title to the blog. If you like South Park check this one out, it totally rocked!

Team America: World Police

Getting Close to LA time

Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
Miami Cofee Cup

I got the coffee mug at the local starbucks in Miami Beach. I’ll be using it at work to remind me of Miami :) It’s such a nice coffee mug and I needed something to remind me of Miami while I’m at work in Los Angeles. I told Arlet that for my going away present she needs to get me a coffee mug with some character that will always remind me of Arlet. Let’s see what she comes up with.

It’s getting close to the move! I’ve been in a zombie slump lately but slowly I’m getting very excited. I started back on lexapro to help me cope with all the changes that are coming. Change scares me so much and I know I would go a little crazy at the end of December if I didn’t have lexapro. So far it’s been working great. I’m feeling upbeat and excited about the move.

I’ve been saving my money like crazy and am proud at how much I’ve saved. My parents are also going to be able to come with me for the move. I was coming at the beginning of January to Los Angeles but since my dad can’t make it then, we’ll be driving the day after Christmas up until New Year’s day. That way my parents can check out Los Angeles for the long weekend and then fly back home.

I’m so psyched that my parents will be able to take this trip with me. I just hope I can convince someone to go with me during the early part of December to find an apartment. Luckily I made friends with Jim, who I met through my blog. He’s been awesome and I know we’ll be great friends when I go over there. We spoke for the first time this past weekend. He was so nice and warm that I felt like I’ve known him forever. He’s going to check out some apartments for me and get back to me. I’m already invited to one of his parties in Decemember. It will be a great way to meet new people in a city that I barely know :)

Miami Cofee Cup

I’ve narrowed my search to three areas: West Hollywood, the Hollywood hills, and Silverlake. I’m leaning towards West Hollywood because it reminded me a lot of South Beach and it’s close to work, but Silverlake looks like it would be a really nice neighborhood to live in. It’s a little more west than West Hollywood but I hear it has nice gay bars and a dog park. Gotta look out for Lola too :)

Last night before going to sleep I wrote Luis a message. We haven’t spoken since I was living in Fort Lauderdale. In reality I’m not sure why he’s not talking to me, but he has done this before with one of his friends Billy. And to do this day he hasn’t talked to Billy. I hope he returns my email because I would like to make up before I head over to Los Angeles. Since I moved from Fort Lauderdale I have lost two good friends: Mario and Luis. I know that no matter how angry I feel towards my friends I eventually get over it. It’s taken me a lot longer to get over Mario’s stuff because I feel he’s totally changed since I first met him, but I’ll probably contact him before I head to LA. I don’t like to leave things the way they are. It feels wrong.

Miami Cofee Cup
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