West Coast Here I Come

Los AngelesHey I know I have written incessantly about how I am moving to Los Angeles again and again. My friends are tired of it. But it’s finally happening! I just inked the deal today. My company actually offered me a higher salary and relocation assitance. According to the plan I have to be in Los Angeles in January 2005. I plan on taking a road trip across America with my parents. It will be awesome to take a tour of the states with them.

At first I was a little sad because I don’t want to leave my family and friends that far behind. My mom helped me so much with this. She is the best. I know it is going to hurt her so much but she is always behind me 120%. I cannot ask for a better friend and mother. I have a feeling that once they visit me a couple of times they’ll want to come to California to live. We’ll see how it all works out!

The more I think about the move the more pumped I am getting. I really want to get an apartment in West Hollywood. My company is flying me out in early December to pick out an apartment. I figure that I am going to get a two bedroom apartment and find a roommate as soon as possible! I’d look for someone looking for a roommate but since I have Lola I figured it would be a lot more difficult that way. Wish me luck!

I know I’ll be wigging out closer to my moving date, but for now I’m pumped. Since I was in High School I’ve been wanting to move to California. Now a company is paying for me to move over there. It’s like a dream. Miami will always have a place in my heart, but there is something to be said about sunshine in Los Angeles without humidity :)

I’m still getting that 6 month gym memership here. I have to look good when I move out there. I’ve been loosing weight since I moved back to the beach and I hope it continues when I move. There are so many activities I want to do over there. There’s a gay hiking club I want to join. And I’m thinking about joining a gay sports group like the gay soccer team in West Hollywood.

Hehehe. I’m like a little kid for a while. I just hope my parents are able to come with my on the road trip. I’m going to take some cool pictures of that trip. I also hope Rafael, Susie, or Briandi can come with me to LA when I go to find an apartment.

I checked out some movies last weekend. I saw Garden State which was awesome. Awesome! It is definately the best movie that I have seen this summer. It also had a very infectious song that I had to buy on iTunes. Frou Frou’s Let Go. If you haven’t caught the movie check it out. I have such respect for Zach Braff now. His performance was amazing and he wrote the movie. Natalie Portman really stole the movie. She is so adorable!

Sadly that’s the only good movie Roscoe and I saw. Luster was horrible. If you rent it I hope you are making fun of it. Yossi & Jagger was alright but it was too short and the cute boy gets killed. Drugstore cowboy was very strange and kind of slow. The only exciting thing about it was that it takes place in Portland, OR. That’s pretty cool because Kevin is out there.

One last note. Rafael went to the Miami Gay Chorus meeting today. He was a little scared but he did it. I’m very proud of him. He had a blast and he really motivated me to find something in the community to do that is gay to meet some new friends!

LusterGarden State

Yossi & JaguarDrugstore Cowboy

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