Roscoe Visit: Sexual Weekend

This week has been great. Roscoe came down from Boston to visit and today is Arlet’s Birthday. Happy birthday Arlet! We were supposed to go to dinner today but I’m at my parents because my grandfather is in the hospital. We will postphone dinner until tomorrow or next weekend. I’ll make it up to her.

Parrot Jungle IslandI’ll work my way backwards to Saturday since that was the most active, and raunchiest of the two days. Sunday we decided to celebrate Arlet’s birthday by going to Parrot Jungle Island. Before I even begin I have to give a disclaimer. When we went on Sunday it was really fucking hot! I don’t know if I would have hated the park as much if it was a cooler day. We went with Arlet’s entire family and I got to meet Jay, Vivian’s new baby. He was adorable. Now back to the park. If it wasn’t for the three shows that were cute, I would have been demanding my twenty bucks back! I didn’t get a chance to check out the zen garden across the street, but I’m sure that would have been better, and free!

Saturday Rafael and I decided to go to Cactus Bar. Roscoe said he wasn’t feeling well and was ready to go to sleep so we watched half of Die Mommie Die until 1130pm. The movie was strange. I was expecting a really funny movie but it was a drag queen playing a woman’s role set in the golden age of Hollywood. I didn’t see it all the way through but Rafael said it was interesting in the end. I really liked the Jason Priestly character with the enormous dick. Doubt they show it, just reference it a lot!

When we actually got to Cactus, the damn place was closed! I don’t know if it’s closed for good or just that night. Just at that moment Roscoe called said he wanted to go to Twist with us. We headed to Twist and had a great time. Our bartender hooked us up as usual, if you ever visit Twist make sure to go to the back-outdoor-go-go-bar and ask for Frank, he’s the best bartender :) We went to the dance floor and I was amazed and how many people had their dicks out in the dance floor. There was a whole lot of action going on. I actually never even know that much action went on. Goes to show how naive I can be at times, especially being a native :)

European Guest HouseAfter Twist we decided to check out the European Guesthouse. I’ve been wanting to go to their black out parties for a while, but I hate going alone the first time. I got the boys to come with me. It’s set up just like the Island House. between 11pm-1am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday it’s free to get in. We didn’t make it quite that early so we paid 15 bucks to get in. It included all the free drinks that you want which is a plus! They have a dark room, a jacuzzi, and a nice bar area. It was awesome. I sucked off a couple of guys but didn’t do anything else. When I go with friends I kinda shy away from doing it all. However one of my friends got down and dirty with the owner, so I think we might have free passes for life!

We had an awesome time. If only it was always like this. Unfortunately when Roscoe goes back to Boston things will calm down. It seems like we never live on the beach at exactly the same time. If we did we’d be getting into way more trouble. Because of all the fun I had to drop my only class left. Who knows when I’ll graduate my Master’s program, but damnit I’ll get a 4.0 when I do :)

Since I was exhausted Sunday night I didn’t want to go out anywhere. Roscoe came over and we went to check out A Touch of Pink. I loved the actor from The Guru so I wanted to check it out. The movie was cute but we both agree that the dead hollywood actor plot line could have been edited out, and the movie would have been way better! Way better! The mum did a breakout performance. Her character was awesome. The boyfriend was really hot too. I think it’s going to be one of those Fall British hunk invasions. Because I also think the guy in the Kristin Dunst Wimbledon movie is way hot!

We both were not quite ready to call it a night so we rented some movies from New Concept Video. I’m glad my membership still worked because it’s my favorite rental place. There is nothing else like it. I never found a replacement in Fort Lauderdale. We rented two gay movies and were only able to see one, O Fantasma. The movie was interesting. Very little dialogue, lots of fetish sex. So of course I was all about it. Plus there was a scene where the main guy gets a porn movie style blowjob, hello gotta love those Portugese film makers, they don’t fuck around! I didn’t get to see the ending of the movie but I will check it out today.

Now that I don’t have school until September I’ll be writing in the blog a lot more. Hopefully I’ll have some interesting adventures to write in here about now that I liked the European Guest House.

Die Mommie DieO FantasmaTouch of Pink

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